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Hampers help collect and move personal items of clothing items such as uniforms, hospital linens, healthcare laundry, and more within your facility.

Resilient and easy-to-maintain laundry carts are perfect for moving clothing and apparel items in bulk. Select models have a wire-frame design.

Laundry Supplies & Laundry Equipment

Large organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, and hotels often have janitorial staff assigned to a laundry department due to the high volumes of soiled clothing, sheets, and other laundry items. This janitorial staff requires a range of dry cleaning and laundry supplies to perform their duties. These include everything from mesh laundry bags to gather and wash the items to hangers to keep clothing in pristine condition after washing. A variety of detergents and cleaning chemicals are used to launder dirty things and often the type of facility dictates a preferred cleaning agent.