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We offer storage cabinet solutions that are stainless steel, heavy-duty, 16-guage, and mobile to meet your needs and fit different workspaces.

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Get organized with additional shelves, supply trays, and dividers to help you expand your cabinets.

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Keep important documents secure and neatly organized for faster access and cataloguing.

Store valuable documents perfectly flat and curl-free.

Arrange and store paperwork in these wide-width drawers.

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Double-sided rotating shelves for easy document access and larger storage.

Keep documents clean and organized in these economical and practical file boxes.

Keep important documents neatly integrated while using minimal space.

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No matter what space you’re working with, we have different cabinet sizes and configurations to help you store virtually anything.


Storage cabinets range in size and design to accommodate various spaces and uses. Floor standing cabinets with impact-resistant acrylic windows offer a clear view of contents without opening the door and often include multiple shelves. Steel drawer cabinets enable efficient organization of small parts while modular drawer cabinets typically constructed from high-strength steel offer universal storage of tools. All storage cabinets feature durable construction to withstand heavy use and feature multiple shelving configurations to hold a wide assortment of items.