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Measurement & Layout Tools

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Receive measurements for objects that can be complex to assess. Ideal for assessing the dimensions for small items, packages, tools, and more.

Get the precise measurement for interior and exterior widths of small materials to help tackle projects in engineering and machining.

Measurement & Layout Tools

There is a tool to suit every need, from laser distance measurers, calipers, and micrometers to tape measures, rulers, and squares. In addition to the measuring instruments, we also offer a variety of marking and layout tools such as chalk reels, plumb bobs, marking pens, levels, wire meter counters, thickness gauges, and stud finders. These tools are ideal for professionals who draw precise lines, angles, and shapes. With a vast selection of high-quality tools at the best prices, Global Industrial is an excellent provider for anyone who needs to measure, mark, and layout with precision.