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Floor Care Program: Step 1

  • Stop dirt and moisture at your doorstep
  • The three mat system will significantly reduce soil and moisture in less time than it would take to remove an equal amount of soil and water from the building interior.
  • The three mat system is your first step to a better floor.

Floor Care Program: Step 2

  • Pick up dirt, don't push it around
  • Make sure you have the right sized sweeper for your floor
  • Your sweeper should be able to pick up everything from dust to nails and more.

Floor Care Program: Step 3

  • Accurately select and dilute cleaning chemicals.
  • Use proper dilution ratio to clean effectively
  • Use right materials for your cleaners

Floor Care Program: Step 4

  • Select the right machine
  • Use proper dilution ratio to clean effectively
  • Use the right attachment for floor type.

Floor Care Program: Step 5

  • Maintence, maintainence, maintainence
  • There's a right cleaner for every season, every reason
  • Remember to use safety signs when working or when floors are still wet.