A Day in the Life of an E-commerce Business Owner

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Maybe you know a Maria. Perhaps you are a Maria. Let’s follow Maria through her day at her e-commerce company to see how the partnership with Global Industrial has helped her at every turn.


Rise and Shine


Maria wakes up and goes through her morning routine, which includes coffee and a three-mile run. She’s on her way to work as the sun rises. Upon entering the building, she passes the reception desk and the waiting area, which contains tables, chairs, and other decor to make guests feel comfortable. As she stops in the breakroom to fill up her coffee, Maria pauses to appreciate the easy-to-clean tables and chairs she recently added to accommodate her growing workforce.


Order Up


Coffee in hand, Maria heads for the control room to print the day’s orders for the fulfillment team. From the elevated control area, she scans the rows of storage and shelving that hold her inventory, recalling how her Global Industrial account manager worked with her early on to determine the right volume and configuration of storage to hold her inventory and orders. The shelves look fuller than usual, and she takes out her phone to log into her account on Global Industrial’s website to order more shelves to accommodate anticipated growth leading into peak season.


Maria meets the pick-and-pack associates at a group of packing workstations on the warehouse floor, where orders get prepared for shipment. These workbenches enable the team to keep all packaging and shipping supplies within easy reach. As she conducts the daily safety briefing, she shifts her feet comfortably on the anti-fatigue mats designed to reduce strain on the team’s legs and feet as they stand and pack orders, ultimately reducing injuries and associated downtime.


After the briefing, Maria walks alongside the conveyor, which automatically moves packed orders to the shipment staging area. The conveyor stands as a centerpiece to her efficient fulfillment operation, combined with the shelving, packaging workstations, and various other solutions Global Industrial’s account manager advised to develop an optimal workflow.


Special Delivery


Maria’s next stop is the loading dock, where inventory deliveries from suppliers have been arriving steadily since early morning. She briefly watches the loading dock personnel as they use pallet jacks and hand trucks to remove pallets and cartons from trucks, then unload and pack the inventory into storage bins and containers. Some associates haul inventory off to put it away in the warehouse, while others break down boxes and toss them in a tilt truck for easy transport to the recycling bin.


The temperatures outside have begun to climb, but Maria’s team stays cool thanks to an assortment of fans that keep air circulating in the warehouse.




As the pick-and-pack team breaks for lunch, Maria heads to her office to catch up on emails and calls. There, a set of executive furniture—including a pedestal desk, executive chair, file cabinets, and bookcases—gives her the support she needs to handle calls and meetings with a wide range of stakeholders.


The warehouse crew chooses not to let the good weather go to waste, however. They eat lunch together at the latest addition to the company’s outdoor areas: picnic tables. Maria recently received feedback from the team that they wanted a place to sit outdoors during their breaks. Working with Global Industrial, she had five new picnic tables ready for use within two days. She took the opportunity to replace a few broken outdoor trash cans and add two planter boxes to spruce up the area.


Ready for Pickup


The team finishes preparing the day’s orders just in time for pickup by the carrier. Maria knew how critical safety and ergonomics were for loading and unloading trucks, so she worked with Global Industrial’s product experts before opening her facility to select the proper equipment for her dock.


The weather has turned from sun to rain, and strip curtain doors allow for easy loading at the dock while keeping the wet weather out, avoiding potential slips and falls. Dock boards and plates, levelers and lifts, and bumpers also improve mobility and safety as their shipping partner’s truck is loaded. Outside, a team member removes the wheel and tire chocks when the truck is ready to leave.


Shut it down


With the orders on their way to customers, Maria looks out over the warehouse from the control area as the janitorial crew cleans the facility by wiping down surfaces and sweeping dirt, leaves, and dust out of heavily trafficked areas. They follow up with a floor scrubber to remove stubborn residue. They also empty trash cans and replace can liners. Cleaning solutions tailored to each application help avoid damage to surfaces while providing optimal sanitation.


Maria recently procured several janitorial carts after hearing from the janitorial crew that they needed an easier way to keep supplies contained as they moved around the space. They finish off by using sanitizing foggers for an additional layer of disinfection.


As the sun goes down, Maria locks the front door behind her as she leaves the facility to meet some friends for a bottle of wine and tapas at a nearby outdoor restaurant.


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