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Packaging & Shipping

Stretch Wrap Equipment & Supplies

Streamline packaging operations with stretch wrap equipment and supplies. Stretch wrap helps protect large items and keep them tightly in place during transportation or storage, while stretch wrap machines and dispensers speed-up the process of applying stretch wrap.

Packing Equipment

Packing equipment improves the efficiency of shipping operations in warehouses, distribution centers, and more. Pallet, floor, and shipping scales provide accurate weight measurements, while carton and bag sealers and packing tape dispensers ensure packages are properly sealed.

Strapping Tools & Supplies

Secure packages with strapping tools and supplies. Strapping, seals, and buckles bundle cartons while strapping tools offer easy cutting, tightening, and sealing of strapping. Protect freight with edge protectors and use pallet cones to prevent double-stacking of freight.

Shipping & Mailing Supplies

Ship packages within designated shipping and mailing supplies. Corrugated boxes are ideal for large items, while mailers, bags, and envelopes fit small goods. Fill cartons with bubble wrap or air bags to help prevent damage to cargo and seal packages with packing tape.

Why Shop Global Industrial for All Your Packaging & Shipping Needs?

Huge Assortment

From boxes to bags to strapping - we have all the industrial-fixings for your business.

Time-Saving Solutions

Wrap up your queue line with ease. From carton sealing to stretch wrappers – we provide practical products for your business. 

Custom Tailored Options

We can help deliver to your demands. Choose from pre-configured or custom options that suit your business best.

Packaging & Shipping

If you need to increase efficiency and output in your commercial facility, Global Industrial can supply the packaging and shipping materials you need. From envelopes and mailers to shipping crates, boxes, and shrink wrap, we can help get your shipments out and safely delivered. We also have a variety of packing equipment including stretch wrap machines, carton sealing machines, tape dispensers, barcode labels, strapping supplies, and more.