Bottle Fill Stations: Go with The Flow and Make an Impact

Hydration and sustainability. Two words that are a huge part of the zeitgeist right now. Wherever you look, there is a focus on not only getting the right amount of water every day[1] (15.5 cups for men, and 11.5 cups for women), but getting it without doing harm to the environment. With the focus being placed firmly on refillable bottles instead of single-use bottled water, bottle refilling stations are ideally suited to this goal.


So, What Exactly Is a Bottle Fill Station?


The easiest way to describe one is a filtered water fountain that pours water from the top down, much like most modern refrigerators have at home. Trigger a sensor, press a button or push a flap and cool, refreshing water will be dispersed to fill a cup, mug, or reusable bottle. They are often paired with a traditional drinking fountain.


Where Are Bottle Fill Stations Increasingly in Demand?


Bottle fill stations have come a long way. The concept of the water bottle filler station dates back to 1922[2] as a response to something called the “drinking water problem” in New York and other major urban areas. With 5-gallon bottled water jugs cluttering hallways and office buildings, primarily due to the poor quality of municipal drinking water, the creation of getting filtered water on tap at any time was a critical invention.


Fast-forward to today and you can now find bottle fill stations in a huge variety of different places. They’re tremendously popular in gyms and leisure centers, where patrons are drinking serious amounts of water due to physical activity and hydration needs. They can also be seen all over:


Bottle Fill Stations: Go with The Flow and Make an Impact


Why Has Demand Increased So Much (and Why Should You Care)?


Let’s start with the why, and by far one of the biggest reasons bottle fill stations have become so sought after by employers, municipalities, educators and more. It’s sustainability.


Being environmentally-conscious is top of mind now for corporations and consumers and has been for some time. Every year new data comes out showing the plastic waste that’s being generated by the bottled water industry. Some 80% of empty plastic water bottles end up in landfills, far more than anyone thinks is reasonable, and it takes up to 1,000 years for a plastic water bottle to decompose[3].


The overwhelming response has been a push to refillable, sustainable drinking water solutions. Consumers across the globe are ready to act, and the stats are undeniable[4]:

  • 86% of consumers among younger generations (<45) showed a willingness to pay more for sustainable packaging
  • 57% of consumers are "less likely" to buy products in harmful packaging
  • 74% of consumers said they would be interested in buying products that come in refillable packaging


And then there’s the second huge reason for a change in behavior - hygiene. When the 2020 pandemic hit, people everywhere became incredibly conscious of what they were putting in their bodies. The idea of going to a public water fountain to either drink directly from it, or refill a water bottle, was just not going to fly.


Add to that the growing awareness of the need to stay hydrated and you have a perfect storm that’s created a massive demand for bottle fills stations because they fulfill all three factors’ people want- sustainability, sanitation, and hydration.


The message is loud and clear to anyone overseeing the water-drinking needs of its employees, customers, or students: provide free bottle fill stations and you make an awful lot of people happy.


What Kinds of Bottle Fill Stations Are Available?


So now you know the background and the importance of bottle fill stations, your next step is to find one that’s suitable for your particular need. Luckily, Global Industrial has many options to help you provide clean, filtered water to your patrons on any budget.


Wall-Mounted & Refrigerated - Bottle Only


Perhaps the most common type of refilling station available, this is an ideal way to get your facility up and running with this highly popular way to hydrate. Complete with built-in sensors (sanitation is paramount), a filtration system, and quick fill rate, this is perfect for schools, gyms, airports and hotels; especially the recessed models that give a space-saving low profile, ideal for busy and crowded hallways).


Wall-Mounted & Refrigerated - Bottle & Drinking Fountain


If you’d like to provide the option for an additional source of hydration, choose a model that also incorporates a drinking fountain with the filling station. This may not be to everyone’s liking but providing a safety bubbler with a forearm/elbow control is still a great way to provide filtered water.


Pedestal Stations - Bottle Only


Need something that can be in more remote areas, like parks, golf courses, and campgrounds? Well, a stand-alone pedestal model is just what you need. Designed for outdoor use, they’re corrosion resistant, come with an integral drain to eliminate standing water, and are easy to maintain. Plus, no electrical power is needed.


Pedestal Stations - Bottle & Drinking Fountain


Once again, you also have the option to add an extra filtered water source for your employees, customers, and guests. The higher end models come not only with the bottle fill and water fountain options, but are also vandal and freeze resistant. This makes them ideal for public parks, playgrounds, and other higher-traffic areas.


Pedestal Stations - Bottle, Drinking & Pet Fountain


The ultimate filtered water source, with this option you provide not only a bottle fill station and a drinking fountain, but also an additional third fountain just for pets that features slow drainage for easy drinking. It’s also a great way to fill up dog bowls. A great option for dog parks, public parks, and other pet-friendly environments. If your office is pet friendly, this is just what you need.


Not Sure What You Need? We’ve Got Your Back.


Bottle fill stations are important but knowing which specific one to select can be a head-scratcher. And you may also need to retrofit current water fountains with bottle fill stations, which is yet another affordable option open to you. Talk to our friendly experts today for all the help and advice you’ll need to select the perfect bottle fill station.


[1] The Mayo Clinic [Link]

[2] Filtrine [Link]

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[4] PR Newswire [Link]


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