Floor Care Solutions that Make Solid First Impressions

After all, first impressions make lasting impacts. While this is true for most situations in life — from interviews to business presentations — it’s especially true when it comes to flooring.


Just think: when a client, customer, or employee steps foot into your building or workplace, he or she gains a near-instant impression of your facility, and will either lose or gain confidence depending on what they see. If the environment is deemed unkempt, dirty, or otherwise poorly maintained, these impressions stick, in a bad way, and speak volumes about your professionalism ― potentially costing you your good name.


That’s why maintaining a solid floor care routine can have a crucial impact on your business. From carpets that look brand-new to hard floors that shine with brilliance, we’ve outlined some of the most common floor care solutions to help make sure those first impressions stick — in a good way:



Floor Scrubbers


Available in walk-behind or ride-on options, floor scrubbers use brushes and tool attachments to “scrub” or remove dirt and grime from hard floor surfaces.



Floor Machines


Floor machines are designed to strip, scrub, and provide low polish on most types of hard floor surfaces — including concrete.





Vacuums come in all shapes and sizes, using the power of suction to remove dust, dirt, debris — sometimes even liquids, depending on model — from carpets and hard floor surfaces.



Floor Burnishers


Burnishing and buffing can restore gloss and shine to floors, as well as provide residual cleaning. A good rule of thumb: the higher the brush motor revolutions per minute (RPM), the higher the shine.



Grinders and Polishers


Grinders and polishers provide cutting, grinding, polishing, refinishing, and other floor surface maintenance. Most models can be used on floors, stairs, countertops, ledges, walls, and more.



Floor Dryers


Floor dryers are used for flood recovery, restoration, mold and mildew removal, and more to remove excess water and dampness quickly. These machines offer the flexibility of varying speeds and height levels to help direct drying power where it’s needed.



Carpet Extractors


Available in box or self-contained options, carpet extractors pump water from a solution tank to an upholstery tool or wand — or directly to the brushes, depending on model — to remove embedded dirt, stains, and odors from carpets.





Indoor or outdoor-rated sweepers remove dust and debris and pick up materials such as nails, paper, metal shavings, and other small particles. These machines are designed to increase productivity, while driving down the total cost to clean.



Floor Machine Pads


As a general rule, floor machine pads are color-coded with the darkest color having the most abrasive grit: black, purple, brown, green, red, blue, red, and white. Determine the hardness of the finish, your maintenance frequency, the chemical being used (cleaning, stripping, wax, or polyurethane solution), and the equipment before choosing a pad.


No matter which floor care solution(s) you choose, remember: first impressions count. Maintaining a regular floor care regimen not only enhances the look of your flooring, it also let clients, customers, and employees know that you take pride in your business ― which, in essence, means you take pride in their satisfaction, too.


Looking for more floor care solutions? We can supply that.® From wet/dry vacuums to dryers and blowers, we have the tools and equipment you need to keep your floors looking spotless.


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