How To Invest In Operational Efficiency

Maximizing operational efficiency is crucial for any business. In today's environment and uncertain economy, focusing on working smarter, not harder, is essential to staying competitive. And being competitive starts with optimization. 


What Is Operational Efficiency?

Operating efficiently is the key to success and making the most of what you have. As labor shortages, rising costs, supply chain issues, and inflation remain valid concerns for businesses moving forward, keeping your facility running like a well-oiled machine is crucial. Implementing effective & efficient practices to boost automation, protect your employees, and maintain consistent efficiencies at the workplace is the #1 objective for today's businesses.


5S Can Help You Maximize Operational Efficiency  

5S is a framework that emphasizes using a specific mindset and tools to create efficiency and value. 5S, or Five S, refers to five Japanese terms that describe steps of visual management. 5S is all about maximizing efficiency and profit. And it all starts with assessing and evaluating your business by observing, analyzing, collaborating, searching for waste, and removing waste. 5S is a simple framework you can apply to maximize operational efficiency and improve automation, optimization, and protection. The 5S's are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.


Sort: Sorting is simple. Keep only the essential items needed to complete tasks. Think of the contents of your workspace to determine what is needed and what can be removed. Anything that's not used to complete a work process is dispensable. Take stock of what you need and get rid of what you don't. 


Set in Order: Organization makes tasks easier for workers to complete. This often involves placing items in ergonomic locations so people won’t need to make extra movements to reach what they need. Workbenches are ideal organizational tools, and computer stands are great at saving space to get the most out of any workstation.


Shine: Keeping work areas clean and orderly helps drive focus and purpose-driven work. Now’s the time to clean and maintain your newly organized workspace. Doing this can help prevent workplace accidents and injuries. Trash and recycling receptacles are easy ways to keep clutter from building up. And floor scrubbers help take your workplace to a whole other level.


Standardize: Create a set of standards for both organization and processes. This is critical to prioritizing efficiency. These standards can involve schedules, charts, lists, and automation. Business operations can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, leading to increased operating costs. Implementing automation solutions such as conveyors and stretch wrap machines can help standardize any system. And they’re scalable, so you can always build up automation from there. Protection begins with implementing safety measures like training programs and safety equipment can also help improve operations. And personal protective equipment (PPE): hard hatssafety glassesgloves, and earplugs can help protect employees from injury.


Sustain: Sustain new practices and conduct audits to maintain discipline. This is crucial for putting 5S into action. Optimizing means the previous four S's must be continued over time. This is achieved by developing a sense of self-discipline in employees who will participate in 5S. Providing employees with resources for maintaining their physical and mental health, such as on-site fitness facilities or stress management training, can contribute to a healthy, productive, and disciplined environment. 

How To Invest In Operational Efficiency

Invest in 5S

By following the 5S framework, you're taking measurable steps to turn assessment into action so your business can realize measurable financial gains. The old adage is true—you have to spend money to save money. Our ROI calculators can show you how much you'll save in the long run. Maximizing operational efficiency is worth the investment. And we know getting started can be challenging. That's why Global Industrial is here to help along the way. We can help you determine what's important for maximizing operational efficiency for your business to realize measurable savings.


The Key to Success Is Unlocking Operational Efficiency       

Later comes sooner than you think, so investing in your business now is the key to making the most of available resources, and optimizing your team's time and energy can keep you at the top of your game and your industry. Global Industrial is an industry leader in providing products that will improve operational efficiency. Because prioritizing efficiency means prioritizing the financial success of your business. Learn more about how we can help your business succeed by connecting with one of our Global Industrial sales representatives at 888.978.7759 or contacting us here.


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