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Optimizing your processes & systems transforms a chaotic & unproductive environment to one that operates smoothly & efficiently.


A business that is optimized does more than run efficiently. It stays safe & clean too, so everyone can work at peak productivity. We can help you create an environment and workflow where it’s easy to get the job done in the most efficient manner and make jobs, such as packing and assembly, easier for everyone.

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New Global Industrial Heavy-Duty Electric Adjustable Workbench

Adjust the worktop to the perfect height with the touch of a button to improve circulation & reduce fatigue. Perfect for sitting, standing, or sharing work stations.

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Don’t Waste Time with a Bench that Doesn’t Work for You

Don't Waste Time With A Bench That Doesn’t Work For You

Not all workbenches are created equal, and not every workbench will work perfectly for your job or business. Global Industrial stocks an array of pre-configured models designed for specific jobs and industries, like packing or general assembly, or you can build your own by choosing the base, top, and accessories that are as unique as you are. There’s no “right” workbench, rather the right workbench is the one that works right for you.

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Terms and Conditions of Use. Model assumes $25/hr. labor rate, 252 workdays/year.

The Global Industrial ROI Calculators ("Calculators") are interactive educational tools that use the information you supply to estimate a potential return on investment ("ROI") based on productivity gains (i.e., reductions in labor) when using select products sold and distributed by Global Industrial.

The results generated in the Calculators are estimates and should be used solely to help determine whether to further investigate products purchasing offered by Global Industrial. The actual economic results realized as a result of using any product will vary, and there is no guarantee that you will actually realize the economic results forecast by the Calculators. Any estimates generated by the Calculators are not and should not be interpreted as either a promise of or an offer or contract for a given level of ROI or productivity gains. The Calculators are based on limited parameters; other factors which might influence results have not been considered. Global Industrial does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the results generated by the Calculators or that you will actually realize any cost savings as forecast by the Calculators. The prices of the products are subject to change. Under no circumstances will Global Industrial be liable for any loss or damage caused by your use of the Calculators.

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Powered Carts Lead The Charge For Productivity On-The-Go

Sometimes you need more than just a laptop. Computer peripherals like printers, scanners, and diagnostic equipment all require external power sources, and powered carts provide it. Say good-bye to dangerous extension cords or bringing pallets of products to cluttered desk areas.


Pneumatics: The Right Kind Of Pressure To Put On Your Business

Pneumatics allow you to optimize the efficiency of your shop or manufacturing facility in several key areas. Air tools don't need power outlets or charging stations for batteries and they are universal-fit systems, so any tool and accessory with the same size fittings will work without being locked into a specific brand’s proprietary battery or fitting configuration. Installing an air distribution system doesn't require an electrician and can be quickly and easily expanded as your business grows.

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Pneumatic Machines & Accessories

From portable 1-stage job-site models to large room-size rotary machines, you can't have a pneumatic system without a compressor. It’s the first piece of equipment you need and it should be sized according to your project or job site needs.


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From simple blowers, staplers, impact guns, and sprayers to pressers, inflators, excavators, and cutters, the tools are where the air meets the job. Since they are not equipped with conventional motors and don’t need batteries, air tools tend to have more compact housings and have a lower maintenance need.


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If it’s not a compressor or a tool, it’s an accessory. Including items like couplers, connectors, nipples, filters, valves, hoses, and gauges, these accessories allow you to customize, monitor, and maintain your pneumatic system which lead to – you guessed it – less down-time and longer service life from the compressor to tools.


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