Making Hospitals More Hospitable


Personal guides. Outdoor fireplaces. Modern amenities. Gourmet coffee bars. Are these hospitals or hotels? Look around and you’ll quickly notice that the latest trend in healthcare today is to create medical settings that cater to the mind, body and soul. But for the longest time, the experience for most patients and visitors has been a clinical, cold, sterile one. Drab colors. Outdated furniture. Uninspired design. But that’s all changing. With more focus being placed upon HCAHPS scores, hospitals are looking for every advantage to create an experience that is more like a wellness center and less like a place dealing with life and death conditions. Add to that the rise in customer demands for personalized experiences – whether that means expecting well-appointed outdoor spaces for relaxation or modern patient rooms with the latest smart technology.


When does a hospital not feel like a hospital?


To make patients and visitors both feel better about being in a hospital, and relieve stress, every detail that contributes to the patient, family, and medical staff’s experience is being thoughtfully considered. From patient rooms to outdoor spaces to nursing stations, hospitals are finding the right solutions for supplying every area with the most modern, ergonomic, and reliable products. In patient rooms, overbed tables, leather loveseats, and walkers contribute to feelings of reassurance, convenience and comfort. Here, products for the staff, such as durable cabinets, mobile stools, and magnetic whiteboards help to deliver more organization no matter which nurse’s shift it is.


Hospitals are also finding ways to accommodate visitors who want to find comfort outside. Many outdoor spaces are appointed with outdoor furniture pieces such as benches, tables and umbrellas and canopies – all designed for comfort and conversation. Outside, many hospitals also rely on speed limit signs to speed bumps to even ash tray receptacles to ensure guests and residents are kept safe while on campus.


Hospitals, by their very nature, are stressful places to work. Knowing the toll that long shifts, difficult patients, and worrisome family members can take on staff members, providing employees with equipment and products that make their job easier can have a positive impact. For example, our wide range of  special purpose carts for rolling medical implements, computers, and equipment from one room to another increases efficiency while reducing physical demand. Additionally, to improve efficiency and organization, as well as prevent accidents, and decrease waste from dropped items, we provide specially- made workstations. To elevate the overall experience for nurses and physicians within the hospital setting, and make it safe and clean for all who enter, we offer everything from sanitizing products in nursing stations to janitorial floor scrubbers and floor safety signs.


We know patient satisfaction and better outcomes are the top goals of any hospital, which is why Global Industrial offers the products and solutions you need to ensure your facility remains relevant and delivers a modern experience that allows everyone to take comfort in your care. If you are a hospital maintenance director or facility manager interested in improving the quality of the supplies throughout your healthcare system, we invite you to connect with one of our Global Industrial sales representatives by calling 1.888.978.7759 or contacting us here.


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