The Ultimate Buying Guide for Janitorial Supplies

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It’s important to ensure they’re equipped with the proper janitorial supplies to handle a range of cleaning and sanitation tasks effectively and efficiently, from routine wipe downs to emergency spills, while protecting themselves and the various surfaces they will encounter. Explore our buying guide to find the products they need to keep your space in top condition. Global Industrial is a leading janitorial equipment supplier.


Pick the right cleaning solution for the job


An effective janitorial toolkit starts with the right cleaning solutions. Consider adding these:


General purpose cleaners and disinfectants: An all-purpose formula can be used in a range of applications. Choosing an environmentally friendly option can help keep your space healthy, while protecting your staff from harsh chemicals. Ordering a concentrated formula can save on shipping costs and allow you to store an ample supply. All-purpose cleaners come in an assortment of formulations, such as spray, foam, and disposable wipes.


Specialty surface cleaners: Supplement all-purpose solutions with cleaners that allow staff to tackle specific surfaces, such as floors, windows and mirrors, bathroom fixtures, drains, stainless steel appliances, anti-static surfaces, whiteboards , and carpets. Using a formula designed for these individual uses preserves the surface’s appearance and durability, while helping with long-term maintenance.


Special-use cleaners: Keep supplies on-hand to target specific kinds of messes, such as paint and graffiti; gum or residue from labels; and grime in outdoor areas. Even if you don’t use them frequently, you’ll want to have them handy when the situation arises.


Personal cleaning solutions: The need for more frequent hand-sanitizing means your janitorial supplies should include soap and sanitizer dispensers in common areas and near high-touch surfaces, such as doors and elevators. Have plentiful sanitizing wipes available to wipe down equipment, buttons, knobs, and levers between uses; and don’t forget ample hand soap in the bathroom.


Dispensers: Have dispensers that are designed for use with the cleaning product they are paired with, especially for solutions that come concentrated and need to be reconstituted. Try chemical dispensers, which can help to ensure cleaning solutions are safely stored yet available where they’re frequently used, such as above commercial sinks. Spray bottles and systems allow for easy and safe use of cleaning chemicals.


Gear up with janitorial equipment


The right cleaning solution only does part of the job. Having the proper janitorial equipment ensures your team can finish the task safely and efficiently.


Cleaning tools: A wide variety of tools, such as brooms, mops, squeegees, and scrapers let janitorial teams tackle messes with ease, while mop buckets contain water and provide mobility when cleaning. Shadow boards prompt workers to return cleaning materials to the proper location so they are accessible for the next use.


Consider using color-coded tools, which can be assigned to different critical control points to keep allergens and likely sources of contamination separate. And pay attention to the quality of your janitorial supplies; a tool that breaks or doesn’t work quite right will create frustration and slow cleaning down.


Cloth rags and towels: To keep costs and environmental impact down, use paper products sparingly and instead reach for microfiber cloths that can be washed and reused. Don’t skimp upfront: Buy rags in bulk to encourage teams to regularly swap in a clean rag, while also saving money by purchasing them in large volume. To prevent cross-contamination, assign different colors to different jobs, ensuring rags from high-risk areas like restrooms aren’t used in low-risk spaces such as common areas.


Sponges and scouring pads: Sponges come in a range of absorbencies and strengths. For some tasks, a scouring pad, stick, or even steel wool makes cleanups easier.


Sanitizing foggers: Use this handy product to easily sanitize large areas such as warehouses and factories, as well as office spaces and schools.


Grabbers and light bulb changers: Proper lighting is essential for safety and efficiency, but many times changing light bulbs in hard-to-reach spots is difficult, or downright hazardous. Grabbers and light-bulb changers afford your janitorial team safe access to even the tallest or most out-of-reach fixtures.


Ladders: A sturdy ladder is an indispensable piece of safety equipment that enables crews to reach various heights for cleaning and maintenance without worrying about falls.


Don’t forget disposal options


From the trash cans to the bags that line them, adequate receptacles are important to providing a safe and healthy environment free of debris. Choose from dark or clear garbage bags and can liners in a multitude of thicknesses that range from light to the heaviest duty applications.


Using wheeled plastic receptacles allows you to easily move around the facility to take care of cleanup. It also makes getting trash out to the main dumpster or sidewalk for pickup a cinch. For customer-facing or outdoor areas, consider durable containers designed to withstand the elements and contribute to a space’s aesthetics.


Take your cleaning kit on the go


Janitorial carts enable your team to keep frequently used solutions and tools on-hand, and to collect trash or laundry, as they make their rounds. Consider the tasks they’ll be covering when deciding on the cart size and configuration.


Specialty carts geared toward hospitality and healthcare applications provide adequate space for necessary supplies so your team can restock and clean simultaneously.


Prepare for tomorrow’s messes, today


Procuring the proper janitorial supplies can be a big job, but once you’ve identified which products and tools work best for your environment, having them at the ready will give your team peace of mind.


Explore all the janitorial and sanitation supplies at Global Industrial your janitorial equipment supplier to find those that suit your needs, and connect with our product experts to learn more about which ones are essential to protecting your team and keeping your facility clean, safe, and healthy.




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