The Ultimate Buying Guide for Packing Workbenches

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The right packing workbench melds seamlessly into your workflow, conveniently offering enough space to pack orders or other deliveries and the supplies needed to do so.


Whether you run an ecommerce business or the mail room of a busy office, our buying guide can help you determine the optimal packing workbench configuration for your operation.


Find your flow


When choosing a packing station, first make sure your choice is sturdy enough for the type of work you’re doing. You’ll also want to ensure features such as bench height, width, and depth, as well as storage placement, are sufficient to meet your needs. Here’s what to look for:


  • Height. Check that the height is right for the task, considering whether it will take place sitting or standing. Also consider whether you’ll want to adjust the bench height between projects or use by different team members. If so, consider a model with adjustable legs. Adjustable leveling floor glides will create an even, horizontal work surface for added efficiency. Leveling foot plates allow floor anchoring for added safety if mobility isn’t required.


  • Surface area. Compare widths and depths to choose a packing workbench suitable for the size and quantity of the inventory and packing materials you most frequently work with. Also consider the dimensions of the space in which it will be located. You’ll want to have adequate room on all sides if the team will be approaching the packing table from different angles.


  • Bench top. Research surface material selections to find the one that aligns with your packing work needs. Most facilities can make do with a simple but durable laminate or maple workbench, while the antistatic properties of an ESD (electrostatic discharge) surface are ideal for electronics assembly.


  • Storage. Assess the available storage space. Ideally, you’ll be able to access supplies above and below the packing table so you have a choice of when to reach and when to bend depending on the task and your comfort.


Stay organized


Get packages assembled and out the door with ease by storing packing supplies within your packing workstation in a way that makes them easy to keep track of. Consider these storage options:



  • Above the bench. Stock frequently used packing materials within easy reach above the bench with upright holders in a configuration that matches your needs. Options include shelving, a bin rail with bins in assorted sizes, and a reel holder for string, twine, packing tape, cables, and similar items.


  • Pro tip: Measure the various shelves and compartments and compare them with the size of the supplies you’ll keep on hand to ensure you will have enough room for what you plan to store.


Make it modular


When busy periods strike, such as the holiday rush or a product launch, the ability to expand or move your station helps your team stay nimble. The following functionalities will prove useful as your needs evolve:


  • Add space. Add another packing workstation and additional shelving to expand your surface area and storage. Extra-long workbenches give your team additional space to spread out their work or handle large orders or oversized objects.


  • Go mobile. Choosing mobile workstations lets your team easily relocate work areas and materials as packing needs or the location of inventory changes.


  • Consider placement. Placing the packing workstation between picked orders and conveyors or shipment staging areas streamlines the process, speeding the package to your customer.


Add accessories


Make your packing workbench even more your own by fitting it out with equipment that enables you to work most efficiently. Here are some amenities to consider:


  • Task lighting. The right lighting makes any job safer and avoids accidents or costly mistakes. Consider integrating LED task lighting into your packing station for accessible and targeted illumination.


  • Electric aprons. Extension cords clutter your space and pose a tripping hazard. Instead, add pre-wired electric aprons to bring power supplies into the packing station. Understand the type and number of outlets you need for easy access to laptops, printers, power tools, and any other equipment needed to get the job done.


  • A mounting arm. Place your monitor and keyboard at eye-level with mounting arms and trays, allowing you to easily double-check orders or create invoices on the spot while keeping your packing table clear of delicate electronics.


  • Ventilation. Many warehouses lack insulation, and so they quickly become too hot in the summer and too cold the winter. Equip your packing area with a space heater and/or fan to keep the team comfortable and safe in any weather.


Fill orders faster with an optimized packing workbench


The right packing workbench is an investment in making your working environment safer and more efficient. Now that you know what to look for, explore the packing workbench options at Global Industrial and connect with our product experts for help finding a configuration that meets your needs.


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