The Ultimate Guide to Storage and Shelving Solutions

Whether you run an office, distribution center, or retail store, having the right storage solutions in place is vital to staying organized, maintaining efficiency, maximizing your real estate usage, and keeping your inventory safe.


Whether you’re looking for customer-facing retail shelving, warehouse storage, office file cabinets, or steel lockers for valuable inventory, we can supply that. Here’s a glance at what to consider when shopping for metal lockers, large cabinets, or any other storage and shelving solution for your business.


An Overview of Storage and Shelving Solutions


For situations where you don’t mind having your inventory on display, or where items need to be easily accessed for packing, shelving storage is a good choice. Retail stores and warehouses are among the most common types of businesses that could benefit from it. Think about how many items are stored in just one warehouse. Without organizational items like bulk racks, pallet racks, and wire shelving, it would be extremely difficult for businesses to store everything they sell.


But when you look closely, businesses of every shape and size can benefit from storage and shelving solutions. Consider a doctor’s office, where years of files must be kept in file cabinets, or a library, where books are meticulously organized on a maze of shelves. Storage and shelving helps keep people organized and efficient.


If you are just starting to implement new storage solutions in your workplace, start with the basics. For standard storage, you may want something like Global Industrial™ Boltless Shelving products that support up to 300 pounds per shelf with adjustable heights. There are also purpose-designed custom shelves for food storage, open steel shelving, retail gondola shelving, and shelving designed for upscale restaurants or offices.


Because your storage needs may be flexible, your storage should be too. We offer an assortment of modular drawer shelving, collapsible shelving, plastic shelving, and steel shelving.


When it comes to storage and shelving solutions, the opportunities are endless. Here are just a few.




Lockers are useful for many different purposes beyond storing textbooks in school hallways. Any location where employees are present may benefit from offering lockers; just consider how common lockers are for guests at gyms, pools, and other public venues. In addition to personal locker use, some businesses take advantage of lockers for added security on valuable inventory, cash, or other assets.


Metal Lockers


Metal lockers are the most common type of locker and are usually found in locker rooms, offices, schools, and athletic clubs. Metal lockers come in many shapes and are ideal for most indoor environments. They require little upkeep and may last for decades. Metal lockers vary in size, from small cubbies to large sports or equipment lockers. Antimicrobial lockers are great for sweaty sports teams, in addition to hospitals, medical offices, pharmacies, and other healthcare locations to combat odors and protect the integrity of the lockers.


Wood Lockers


Wood lockers and plastic laminate lockers offer more style and elegance than usually seen with metal lockers. These are employed in modern architecture and may be used in executive locker rooms, high-end health clubs, or even for wine storage in a restaurant. Due to the material, it’s best to avoid using wood where the lockers may get wet or exposed to a lot of moisture.


Plastic Lockers


Plastic lockers are a good choice in outdoor environments or areas subject to a lot of moisture or humidity. If you’re worried about rust or wood rot, plastic is an ideal alternative. Some schools may use lockers with clear view doors or plastic faces as an added security measure. Plastic is also easy to clean, which is a major perk in the post-pandemic world. However, plastic lockers may not be ideal in areas exposed to direct sunlight or excess heat.


Steel Lockers


Steel lockers are more secure and durable than some other metal lockers. For added security or longevity, consider upgrading to steel lockers for anything from vented digital storage racks, to small cell phone lockers for employees on the clock. Steel lockers are often popular with security, IT, and other related job functions. Modular box locker options allow you to stack and configure to fit nearly any space.




Cabinets come with many of the same benefits as lockers, but you will find more customization options, sizes, and use cases. These may come with locks, transparent storage doors, or other features useful to your business storage needs.


File Cabinets


File cabinets are vital for almost all businesses. If you run an office that uses any type of paper form, you’ll need file cabinets to store them. Some industries require these files to be kept by law, so be sure to consult with your corporate counsel for guidelines on how long documents should be retained so you know your bases are covered.


When choosing a file cabinet, don’t limit yourself to simple two- or four-drawer cabinets. Depending on your needs, you may be best off with a large lateral filing cabinet or rotary cabinets.


As you’re shopping for file cabinets, also consider the most common document sizes you need to store and how well the storage would fit into your current office or workspace.


Large Cabinets


Large cabinets are good for storing tools, equipment, inventory, or just about anything else. Cabinets give you storage with a clean front, so you and your visitors don’t have to look at what’s inside. They also give you more security than open shelving.


Global Industrial™ Cabinets give you flexible and affordable styles and designs that match virtually any need for large item storage. If you need to store a large quantity of smaller items, you may benefit from bin cabinets that include an assortment of smaller storage bins inside.


Small Cabinets


You may not need a large cabinet for some purposes. For example, if you’re storing consumer electronics, keys, medications, or other smaller valuables, small cabinets will do the job just fine. Keep in mind, however, that storing a large number of small items may be best served by a large bin cabinet with smaller bins inside.


You can find custom-made drawer cabinets for keys, AEDs, small parts, desktop computers, lab supplies, and personal protective equipment dispensers among the Global Industrial inventory. If you need to store it, we likely have the perfect cabinet in stock and ready to ship directly to you.


Flammable Cabinets


Some cabinet types are vital for the safety of both products and employees. Flammable cabinets are among them. Intended to store flammable or combustible materials, flammable cabinets keep these items in fireproof storage in case of emergency.


Your business might be required by regulatory agencies to store certain items in flammable cabinets. Be sure to always check the agency’s latest guidelines to ensure you’re compliant.


Invest in Storage and Shelving to Benefit Your Business


Good storage is important for most businesses. But great storage and shelving puts your most important products, tools, paperwork, and inventory at your fingertips for maximum efficiency.


If you’re unsure where to start or how to improve, we’re here to help. In addition to a product catalog of a million-plus unique items to run your business, we offer consulting services to help you create an optimal storage system in any business environment.


When your storage is fine-tuned, you’re in a great position to improve your business operations and profits. The perfect cabinet, locker, or shelving is just a few clicks away.


The information contained in this article is for informational, educational, and promotional purposes only and is based on information available as of the initial date of publication. It is the reader’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, codes and regulations. If there is any question or doubt in regard to any element contained in this article, please consult a licensed professional.  Under no circumstances will Global Industrial® be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on this article.


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