Your Storage, Your World: How to Make Warehouse Storage Work for You


Well there was, until this article came along with the right industry expertise. We’re here to help simplify your warehouse storage options, and we’ll begin by covering the many different storage types and their unique functions.


But first, you’ll want to consider all the relevant needs surrounding your business. Enclosed shelving may seem like a perfect choice for any space, but if your warehouse is full of constant activity and has an equally high demand to move thousands of materials per day, this could be a poor choice that leads to crowding and obstacles, rather than a solution to drive growth (also, there’s the whole “out of the sight, out of mind” mentality if items are not easily visible).


Based on these factors ― function and the surrounding environment ― your ideal storage system can be drastically different than what you originally intended. That’s why a breakdown of warehouse storage is necessary. Below is a brief summary of the top storage options for warehouses.



Industrial Pallet Rack Systems


A pallet rack system is exactly what it sounds like: racking that accommodates pallet racks. This type of arrangement is ideal for warehouses, grocery stores, and similar businesses that prefer shelving that fits easily against a wall and can be used with a metal, wood, or wire frame decking base.


Each base has a unique advantage. Wire frame bases can easily accept Snap-On dividers to help separate items, and feature waterproof designs that are perfect for warehouses with any overhead sprinkler system. Solid wood and steel bases are more preferable for holding up bulk loads of contents that need a solid base, but can have limited options when adding on adjustable dividers.


What kind of pallet rack system you need can also depend on a number of other factors. This includes cost, available floor space, ceiling height, and the size of any current pallets at your business that you wish to be integrated.


Outlined below are the common types of racks and partitions that make up a pallet rack system.



Bulk Racks


Warehouse storage bulk racks are an inexpensive solution for storing large quantities of products. They are especially ideal for storing dense and heavy products such as reams of paper, tins, and cans of food.


Choose warehouse bulk racks based upon your specific needs. For example, if you are looking to store lumber or long pipes, you should consider using vertical bar racks or bar storage racks. Likewise, for storage of tires and other auto parts, you should consider specific automotive racks.



Wire Partitions


Wire mesh partitions are primarily used for securing crucial tools, but can also be used to create storage rooms for safeguarding merchandise that requires special protection. These partitions are made with a strong diamond pattern of woven wire that contributes to its clean and classic look.


These structurally strong partitions are made of heavy-gauge steel. Along with providing proper security for your items, wire mesh partitions can be expanded, reduced, or modified in shape as storage space needs change.



Cantilever Racking


Cantilever racks feature a single beam with arms extending out. These racks are used for storage of bulky, oversized loads such as timber, plasterboard, steel trusses, and piping. There are four key components to the rack: the upright, base, arms, and braces.


Industrial cantilever shelving racks are easy to install, making them ideal for storing nearly any type of load from pallets to timber. The racks can also store product vertically up to 6ft. high, and are especially great for long loads, leading to reduced handling times and improvements in productivity. Additional arms can also be added to allow for storage of all shapes and sizes.



Carton Flow Racks


Carton flow racks feature a slight slope so cartons can "flow" or be rolled to the front. This type of industrial shelf system is ideal for first in, first out products, and is perfect for fast-moving items or high-traffic warehouses.





Mezzanines are essentially a platform built on your warehouse floor space that can provide another level of storage. Upfront costs may be high, but they pay off for years, providing extra storage space without needing to pay extra rent. Plus, if your storage facility moves, mezzanines can easily be dismantled and transferred to your new location.


They are 1/5th of the cost of new construction, contributing to further storage savings. In addition, there is great versatility in how you can use mezzanines. You will see them in various locations, including: distribution centers, malls, manufacturing plants, subway platforms, and even opera theaters.



Don’t See the Storage You’re Looking For?


Remember that your storage is your world and that means every corner, room, or open space dedicated for storage deserves the best storage plan. Global Industrial offers an outstanding assortment of products for warehouse storage. Browse our entire collection and choose from hundreds of containers, totes, pallet racks, and more: Our Storage Collection.


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