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ITEM #: WBB806683

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Morse® 1 to 5 Gallon 1 Can Tumbler with Timer 1-305-1 - 1-Phase 115V Motor - 100 Lb. Cap.

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Morse® PailPRO™ 1 To 5 Gallon Can Tumbler with Timer for 1 Can - 1-Phase 115V Motor - Capacity: 100 Lbs.

Morse® PailPRO™ Can Tumbler provides aggressive corner-over-corner mixing action. Mix products inside your sealed cans or pails with this can rotator to reduce hazards and save clean-up. Use your pail and can mixer to blend the contents of closed 1 to 5 gallon (4 to 19 liter) pails or cans.

  • Morse 5 Gallon Can Tumbler mixes or agitates small batches quickly and economically
  • Re-homogenize settled ingredients
  • Use as pail or bucket mixer to blend liquids or dry materials
  • Tumble pails of component parts with media to deburr or polish them
  • This pail or bucket mixer holds cans at an angle to horizontal resulting in a vigorous "corner-over-corner" mixing action
  • Can Tumbler rotates pails continuously in one direction. Pail mixer does NOT shake or oscillate cans.
  • Accepts steel or plastic cans and pails:
    • Up to 12.5" (31 cm) diameter
    • 4.5" to 16.5" (12 to 42 cm) tall
    • Includes typical 5 gallon cans
  • Capacity: 100 Lb. (45.5 kg) per can
  • Tumbling speed: 23 RPM
  • Can tumbler provides exceptional savings when materials to be agitated are already packed in cans
  • Quickly secure pail in can mixer holder with hand wheel on threaded rod and locking handle
  • Can mixer base dimensions: 28" x 28" (71 x 71 cm).
  • OSHA requires an Enclosure

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