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Model #: WBB2352794


Bare Ground Klearway Driveway Deicing System

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The new Bare Ground KlearWay deicing system is the "smart" way of keeping your driveway clear of ice and snow. KlearWay is designed to be either controlled remotely via our Smart Switch or manually operated via a single touch button once plugged into any AC outlet with a GFI circuit. The KlearWay system is easy to layout on your driveway or alongside your driveway. It is truly simple to setup and operate. All parts are pre-assembled and merely require quick connect attachment to the AC pump, driveway oscillator and liquid deicer container (sold separately). Compatible with Bare Ground 5 gallon box container of either Calcium Chloride (641023) or Mag Plus (640171) liquid ice melt. The oscillating driveway liquid applicator is fully adjustable and can easily cover 1000 sq. ft. 90 Day Limited Warranty.

  • Fully automated deicing through pre-set timed spray intervals
  • Crush resistant, kink proof stainless steel outdoor sprayer hose
  • Fully Adjustable Oscillating Driveway Applicator so you can select your coverage area
  • Smart Switch allows for remote programmed operation
  • Smartphone compatible as well as with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
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Review This Product

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