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First Voice™ Basic Responder Kit

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Portable convenient responder kit with a nylon bag that contains prepackaged first aid supplies and the First Aid Field Guide. The First Aid Field Guide provides information on first aid & emergency protocols for emergencies, best practices for scene safety and clean-up, best practices for personal safety, and information on Good Samaritan® laws and liability. The information in the First Aid Field Guide is written to comply with American Heart Association/Red Cross/current ECC or ILCOR guidelines that are current at the time of publication. The perfect AED companion for your facility or organization. Can be hung on wall by carry strap or carried for mobile use.

  • Nylon bag with carry strap and closures,2 side pockets and main pocket
  • First Aid Field Guide
  • Blood borne pathogen clean-up kit
  • Intake forms and record keeping forms,
  • Bleeding/Shock/Childbirth supplies
  • Heat/Overexertion emergency supplies
  • Cold/Hypothermia emergency supplies
  • CPR/Unconscious Supplies
  • Closed wound supplies
  • Open wound supplies
  • Eye emergency supplies
  • ANSI Z308.1 compliant first aid supplies
  • Digital thermometer
  • Glucose tester
  • Instruments
  • Scissors
  • Gloves
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