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Forklift Battery Water Refilling Gun

Model #: WB987192

MPN #: 70-1180


Ideal Warehouse Forklift Battery Water Refilling Gun 70-1180

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Simplify Forklift Battery Maintenance!

A certain amount of water loss is normal in all lift truck batteries during operation and recharging. The water level should be monitored and refilled with pure tap water or distilled water to extend the battery life. The Forklift Battery Watering Gun helps you maintain your batteries water levels while keeping the battery tops clean and dry.

The battery watering gun is very easy to use. After connecting to a standard hose and checking the depth stop, simply insert the nozzle into the battery cell and squeeze the trigger. As fluid touches the tip of the nozzle, the gun automatically shuts off, eliminating over-filling or under-filling of battery cells, and without the risk of splashing acid.

Patented shutoff mechanism prevents water from dripping when moving the filler from cell to cell, as water can attract dirt and make the battery a safety hazard in a short period of time. Additionally, employees will no longer bend awkwardly over the batteries to look into each cell, reducing the risk of back injuries. Fits most standard industrial Forklift and Golf Cart batteries.

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