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Carts & Trucks

Pallet Jacks & Trucks

Pallet trucks are essential to safely and efficiently move pallets through warehouses and on or off trailers. Manual pallet jacks are ideal for small applications or occasional use but for heavy daily use, consider powered electric pallet trucks.

Bulk Containers & Tilt Trucks

Save time by moving large quantities of product in one trip with our bulk & tilt trucks. Basket trucks have large open tops for easy loading, tilt trucks are made to dump quickly, and hopper trucks make quick work of loading and unloading.

Lift Trucks

When lifting heavy items, the right equipment does it safely & efficiently. Electric forklifts and stackers are ideal for pallets & large boxes, drum lifters & dumpers won’t damage drums, while hoppers & loaders easily move loose bulk items.

Utility Carts

Ideal for repairs, maintenance, & assembly, a rolling cart with wheels allows you to move tools, equipment, & parts in one trip and to work off the cart. Plastic resists corrosion, metal can carry heavy loads, and wire provides maximum air flow.

Hand Trucks & Dollies

A mainstay for material handling needs, hand trucks and a simple dolly can be used to move boxes, equipment, appliances, drums, and even pallets without the need for pallet jacks or forklifts. Use skates to more easily move large & heavy equipment.

Organization & Workspace Carts

From secure medical procedure carts to rolling storage carts packed with bins, carts with security gates, & simple shelf trucks, there are many jobs that require users to bring parts, tools, supplies, and instruments with them to get their jobs completed.


Office & School Carts

Special-purpose carts for schools and offices make tasks, like delivering mail & setting up meetings, easier and more convenient. A/V carts, computer & laptop stands, and charging carts are designed to keep technology safe, useable, and portable.

Hospitality & Retail Carts

When guests check into your hotel or shop, having the right carts ensure easy movement and a pleasant stay without dropping everything. Providing a laundry basket or shopping cart is a nice amenity that makes your store or resort stand out.

Material Handling Carts

Heavy-duty carts designed to carry large, long, or awkward loads makes moving them safer for people, products, and property. Specialty carts for cylinders, pipes, & lumber reduces trips and manpower while mobile lift tables eliminate bending.

Cart Trucks & Accessories

The ability to fix your cart or truck & protect your investment is good business sense, so having access to an assortment of parts & caster wheels is critical. Accessories, like forklift extensions, allow you to customize your equipment to work better for you.

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Why Shop Global Industrial for All Your Carts & Trucks?

On-the-go Productivity

It can be a warehouse or small workshop, we have solutions that get things rolling from room to room.

Reinforced Safety

Whether it's the lightest or heaviest load, we have products that help transport them with ease. 

Mobile Storage Done Right

Providing safe and ergonomic product lines to move, lift, and transport light or heavy loads with ease in warehouse, distribution or shipping centers.

Carts & Trucks

Find the heavy-duty transportation equipment you need from Global Industrial. Shop dollies, utility carts, and hand trucks for material handling, transporting, and more. We also have a wide inventory of forklift attachments and accessories, pallet trucks and jacks, and platform trucks.