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Frost Free - Corrosion Inhibitor, 100% Ethylene Glycol 5 Gallons

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100% Pure Industrial Grade Ethylene Glycol with Corrosion Inhibitor

ComStar's Frost Free I-100 is a premium industrial coolant containing a non-diluted concentrate of 100% ethylene glycol and an Inhibitor. Corrosion Inhibitors are designed to prevent system corrosion and clog-ups caused by chemicals and minerals mixed in with water present in operating systems. For easy application, ComStar's Frost Free I-100 is unmixed with 100% ethylene glycol and ready to use. Inhibitors prevent corrosion from occurring because plain glycols are more corrosive than water and automobile anti-freeze can contain inhibitors that tend to react and coat heat exchange surfaces, thereby reducing energy efficiency.

Common tap water's slight acidity can eventually corrode metal system components. In addition, water may contain minerals that contribute to the buildup of lime/scale deposits that can reduce heat transfer and clog pipes. Because glycols without a corrosion package are more corrosive than water, it is strongly recommended to order ethylene glycols which include corrosion inhibitors.

  • Frost Free I-100 is non-irritating
  • Frost Free I-100 is biodegradable
  • Frost Free I-100 contains corrosion inhibitor designed to prevent corrosion and clog-ups
  • Frost Free I-100 is ready to use, non-diluted 100% ethylene glycol

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