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HVAC & Fans

Cooling Fans

No matter where you need a fresh breeze, there’s a fan that will satisfy you. From small personal fans to industrial fans and permanently-mounted to portable pedestal and floor models, put fresh air exactly where it will do the most good.

Air Quality

Heating or cooling is just the start when it comes to conditioning air. An air purifier or ozone generator can improve the overall air quality of your space, and when used with humidifiers/dehumidifiers, employees & visitors breathe better air.

Air Filters

Changing air filters as part of regular maintenance for systems like HVAC & air purifiers ensures good air quality for everyone. Global Industrial stocks a wide assortment of filters including rigid cell, HEPA, pleated, and different MERV ratings.

Filter Finder

HVAC Parts & Controls

HVAC systems require the right parts, tools, and peripherals to work at peak efficiency with limited down-time for repairs. Control your HVAC with smart thermostats, direct air flow with ductwork, and move air with fans & blower motors.


Why Shop Global Industrial for All Your HVAC & Fans?

A Wide Assortment

Our strong and growing array of solutions are a real breath of fresh air. From air curtains to HVAC refrigerants, we've got the variety you're looking for.


Take charge of the temperature in your environment, and maintain control over the climate you want for your business.

Cooling, Heating, and More

There's no destination out of range when it comes to our breadth of HVAC and fans. 

HVAC & Fans

If you need equipment to keep the temperature at your office, jobsite, or other commercial settings comfortable, Global Industrial can supply that. Shop our wide selection of commercial HVAC systems and equipment, including controls, motors, and hardware. We also have a huge variety of commercial fans and blowers, heaters, air conditioners, and air purifiers.