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SteamSpa Indulgence INPKCH Control Kit, Polished Chrome

Model #: WBB1601644


SteamSpa Indulgence INPKCH Control Kit, Polished Chrome

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This Indulgence bundle includes all you need to get your Steam Spa Generator up and running providing you with a luxurious steam sauna bath with added convenience. Included is the elegantly simple steam head with an aroma reservoir. Just add a couple drops of your favorite fragrance and soon you will be enveloped with a soothing aroma scented steam. Also included is the essential single control panel. The control panel offers a digital display and allowing you to adjust the steam bath to your preference. Additionally, Steam Spa's LED light is also included. This bundle is tailored to work with any of Steam Spas Steam Generators.

  • Includes a Control Panel, Steamhead and White LED Light
  • Polished Chrome finish
  • Control panel with time and temperature controls and preset memory
  • Programmable temperature control and preset 60 minute time cycle
  • Digital readout display and soft touch keypad. On/Off and Pause modes
  • Built in temperature probe gauges the showers temperature for added comfort
  • Integrated aroma steamhead reservoir for a scented steam experience. Add a few drops of your favorite fragrance and enjoy a refreshing, stimulating aroma therapy.
  • White LED Light will create a soothing, therapeutic environment in bath and shower rooms
  • Aromatherapy releases soothing fragrances through the mist surrounding you with your favorite aromatic scent
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