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Refill your water bottles on-the-go. Our fountains are perfect for outdoor recreational settings, school campuses, office complexes, golf courses, and more.

Compact and sleek, these coolers are a great addition to any office breakroom, public building, or commercial space.

Upgrade your bathroom facilities. Our faucets are suitable for home builders, contractors, remodelers and more.

Set up a hand washing station quickly in virtually any setting. Ideal for medical facilities, laboratories, and various commercial business settings.

Wash away dirt and grime. Ideal for placement in educational facilities, industrial work settings, and health clubs.

Easily supply pressurized fresh water to rural homes, agricultural settings, and cabins.


Why Shop Global Industrial for All Your Plumbing & Pumps Needs?

Premier Choice for Water Fountains

The search for reliable water fountains and bottle fillers ends here.

Bursting With Choices

Over 30,000 plumbing products from leading manufacturers and brands you trust. Water you waiting for?

Industry Expertise

You want more expertise behind the product choices you make. Allow us to connect you with expertise that keeps your facility up and running.

Plumbing & Pumps

If you have commercial plumbing or pumping needs, Global Industrial can supply that. From drinking fountains and water bottle-filling stations to showers, baths, toilets, and urinals, we have the plumbing fixtures you need. We also have a wide variety of plumbing accessories and hardware, including drains and traps, hoses, valves, and more. You can also shop our inventory of pumps for chemicals, well water, trash, fuel transfer, sewage, sump pumps, and more.