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FEI 10-6795 Home Exercise Package - Elite Set

FEI 10-6795 Home Exercise Package - Elite Set

Item #: WBB2372716

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FEI 10-6795 Home Exercise Package - Elite Set

Being stuck at home does not mean your exercise program should be stuck too. Get ready to work out because we are BRINGING THE GYM TO YOU! This versatile and complete ten-piece set provides nearly unlimited options for strength training, stretching, balance, low-impact aerobics, mobility and even post-workout massage. Everything needed for a total upper and lower body workout is here.

The package includes an Exercise Mat, a balance pad, three different Multi-Grip Exercisers, five different Latex Band Loops, a set of Cuff Weights, an Inflatable Exercise Ball, a hand pump for the ball, a Dynamic Stretch Strap and a Foam Roller. The mat is perfect for your workouts as it offers extra padding with the convenience of being thin enough to roll-up and take anywhere. The Multi-Grip Exercisers - one of each X-Light, Medium and X-Heavy resistance - allow users to perform numerous high-impact upper and lower body strength and resistance training exercises. The Latex Band Loops - one of each X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy resistance - add additional resistance to traditional exercises, improve strength and build muscular endurance. The hand pump is for the Inflatable Exercise Ball, which improves balance, coordination and flexibility. The Dynamic Stretch Strap is the perfect complement to any home exercise program as it's ideal for improving movement, range-of-motion and flexibility. The pair of Cuff Weights come with 5 lbs. of inserts that can be removed to adjust the heaviness. Suitable for wrists or ankles, they feature a D-Ring closure for a snug fit and padded interior for comfort. The Balance Pad is an ideal platform for low-impact aerobics and vestibular training. Or stand on it and use the loops, exercisers or weights to increase difficulty and effectiveness. Once the workouts are done, it's time to relax with a massage. This black composite Foam Roller is just the massage tool you want. Fully round and sized at 6" x 12", this is the roller you've seen at the gym or PT office. Ideal for a deep tissue massage after an intensive workout, this roller is fantastic for stretching and rehabilitating.

When you're stuck at home, this Elite Pro Exercise Package is like having the gym come to you. The Latex Band Loops contain Latex which may cause allergic reactions. The rest of this kit is Latex-free. A full set of instructions come with the Multi-Grip Straps, the Stretch Strap, the Inflatable Ball and Cuff Weights, providing guidance on the wide variety of available exercises and routines. The entire kit has been designed with safety and comfort in mind. The roller wont flake or lose shape, the straps and exercisers are soft to the touch and won't tear and the ball and weights are entirely adjustable. The Inflatable Balls are useful as aids for vestibular movement and equilibrium therapy as well as to assist in stretching and strength programs. More rugged than polyethylene, the Foam Roller holds its shape, even after repeated use.

Kit Includes:
  • 1- Exercise Mat
  • 1 - Balance Pad
  • 3 - Different Multi-Grip Exercisers
  • 5 - Different Latex Band Loops
  • 1 - Set of Cuff Weights
  • 1 - Inflatable Exercise Ball
  • 1- Hand Pump
  • 1 - Dynamic Stretch Strap
  • 1 - Foam Roller

Product Specifications

  • DESCRIPTIONHome Exercise Package
  • COLOR FINISHAssorted
  • TYPEExercise Kits
  • KIT TYPEElite
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FEI 10-6795 Home Exercise Package - Elite Set

FEI 10-6795 Home Exercise Package - Elite Set

Item #: WBB2372716

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    FEI 10-6795 Home Exercise Package - Elite Set
    FEI 10-6795 Home Exercise Package - Elite Set
    FEI 10-6795 Home Exercise Package - Elite Set
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