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ITEM #: WBB2586404

MPN #: 84-2809

New Point-Type Distributor, Cardone New 84-2809

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CARDONE New Distributors are backed by CARDONE Engineered Technology, which ensures that all CARDONE New Distributors meet proper form, fit and function. CARDONE Engineered Technology is based on over 40 years of reverse-engineering expertise, where original design weaknesses are identified and corrected, resulting in premium-quality, brand-new parts you can rely on. Installing a CARDONE Distributor on your vehicle will ensure that proper voltage is transmitted to the spark plugs in the correct timing pattern so that your vehicle will perform on command.

OEM/Altternate Numbers(s)
FordC20F12127F, C20F12127H, C20F12127J, C20F12127S, C3OF12127A, C3OF12127B, C3OF12127D, C3OF12127E, C3OF12127F, C3OF12127G, C3OF12127H, C3OF12127J, C4OF12127A, C4OF12127B, C5JF12127C, C5OF12127E, C5OF12127L, C5OF12127M, C5OF12127T, C5OF12127U, C7OF12127D, C7OF12127E, C7OF12127F, C7OF12127J, D2OF12127AA, D2OF12127JA, D2OF12127RA, D3OF12127HB, D3OF12127JA, G7OF12127B

Aplication Summary: Ford 300 1963, Bronco 1974-68, Country Sedan 1972-71 1969-63, Country Squire 1972-63, Custom 1972-64, Custom 500 1972-64, E-100 Econoline 1974-69, E-200 Econoline 1974-69, E-300 Econoline 1974-69, F-100 1974-69, F-250 1974-72, F-350 1974-72

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