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Dymo® LabelWriter® 450 Twin Turbo, 8-1/2" X 7-1/4" X 5-1/4"

Dymo® LabelWriter® 450 Twin Turbo, 8-1/2" X 7-1/4" X 5-1/4"

Item #: WBB1309889


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Dymo® LabelWriter® 450 Twin Turbo, 8-1/2" X 7-1/4" X 5-1/4"

Exceptionally fast, convenient and versatile. PC/Mac®-connected label printer lets you label, mail and file smarter with DYMO® Productivity Software. Powerful and intuitive label software includes an integrated address book that makes it easier to select and filter multiple addresses. Add-ins allow one-click printing from popular software programs such as Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Outlook®, QuickBooks® and CardScan®. Address Fixer™ corrects addresses from the USPS database and adds in full zip code and postal bar code. Prints 56 label styles in eight categories. Includes over 60 label layouts, just click and select. Scan your paper files and convert them to digital with DYMO File™ LT. Links directly to the DYMO® website for instant access to help, tips, tricks and more. 600 x 300 dpi resolution. Cost-effective, efficient direct thermal printingno ink or toner required! New "sleep mode" conserves energy. Label guide feature ensures that each label prints perfectly. Compact design saves valuable work space. Compatible with Windows® and Mac®.


  • Label, mail, and file smarter with proprietary DYMO® Productivity Software, featuring the new DYMO Label version 8, DYMO File™ and Address Fixer™.
  • Print labels for envelopes, packages, files, folders, media name badges and more.
  • Prints barcodes and USPS® approved postage labels with Address Fixer™.
  • Holds two label rolls at once to maximize efficiency.
  • Address Fixer™ corrects addresses from the USPS database.
  • Print one label or hundreds, without the waste and layout hassles of sheet labels.
  • Create labels directly from text in Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Outlook®, QuickBooks® and other programs, without retyping.
  • DYMO File™ LT converts paper files to digital.
  • Cost-effective direct thermal printing.
  • New "sleep mode" conserves energy.

Product Specifications

  • COLOR FINISHBlack & Silver
  • BRANDDymo®
  • TYPEElectronic Label Maker
  • LABEL SIZE2-1/2"
  • OPERATING SYSTEM COMPATIBILITYMac® OS 10.2.8 and Later, Windows® 2000, XP, Vista
  • PRINTING SPEED71 mm/sec
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  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: June 02, 2020

    No problems for years
    Your review:
    I have this printer for over 8 years and I have never had a problem with it.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: May 22, 2020

    Your review:
    The recent upgrade to the Connect software has ruined hundreds of layouts that I have been using for years. Now this Connect is just not user friendly and does not even work with its own layouts. Check out the jewelry label. The text box is in the center of the label where it makes absolutely no sense. Please provide a way to get the older software.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: May 12, 2020

    New operating software is useless!
    Your review:
    I have been using the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo for years with very little issue. Then a new computer for me and the installation of Dymo Connect. Who did you write this for? Someone slowly organizing their home? I run a small business. I had hundreds of addresses saved in my address books that don't work in this new system. Dymo Connect has yet to even see both of my spools on the Twin Turbo. It takes me so long to do labels that I'm thinking of going back to printer them on my laser printer. Please fix this. I miss the old system and my address books.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: April 26, 2020

    Hidden Monthly Fees
    Your review:
    I bought this particular product because it was advertised as being able to use a free stamp software with Endicia, but apparently that ended years ago. Not only is it not free but because I am a mac user I am forced to purchase the most expensive package in order to print stamps. In addition I contacted both Dymo and Endicia in regards to this and the false advertising and cannot get a response from them. I would NOT recommend getting any Dymo product.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: February 12, 2020

    problems with windows 10
    Your review:
    Label printing is good, but when installing the software, windows 10 only recognizes 1 printer, not 2 as indicated in the documentation. Since I do not use Dymo connect to print labels, I have to go thru printer preferences, adding multiple steps for something that should be as simple as changing printers.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: January 12, 2020

    Really - No user guide on how to set up.....
    Your review:
    This is ridiculous that it does not come with a CD and a user manual. So far, the website sucks. I download three users guides all for Belgium. I have spent 30 minutes on the website and still waiting for DC setup.exe to download. In the meantime, looking for an English user guide to set up the labels correctly. I am ready to return this and forget about it.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: December 04, 2019

    Was good. Now BAD!
    Your review:
    I have using Turbo 450. Was working with Catalina. Purchased Twin Turbo and now I'm in trouble. I tried to install the Twin Turbo on the same Mac as the 450, but the printer wouldn't show up in the printer list. I tried to update software, but Apple would not permit it because it couldn't be checked for "malicious content." I thought I might need to uninstall the old software and use the new software, but the was really dumb and a HUGE MISTAKE. Now I have no software that works. DYMO need to update the software for Catalina 64-bit. Don't purchase DYMO until they do.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: November 12, 2019

    No Help!
    Your review:
    I have contacted Dymo twice with no response about a replacement adapter. We pretty much have a dymo on every desk at my job and I can't even get one adapter. It's not even an option to just purchase one on the website. It shouldn't be this difficult!
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: October 26, 2019

    Really bad software
    Your review:
    Product works well when it works. Software is terrible. Often the machine loses connection with the PC. You have discreet the USB cable, power off and reboot it. Almost unusable. Release packaged as 8.7.3 in fact is not. It is 8.7.0. It is not 32 bit.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: October 21, 2019

    No longer prints stamps
    Your review:
    I'm echoing Tom from PA's comments below. I've used this printer successfully for about a decade along with the easy-to-use stamp printer, which was a major reason for its purchase. Now with the change to the stamp policy I'm stuck with a partially-used roll of stamps, the need to go to a web page to print stamps instead of a Windows application, and a $18/month fee for the privilege of using that service. This is infeasible for me as a small business with few monthly mailings - none of which was clear in the NetStamps application. Unless you're a large volume mailer this product is no longer usable for stamp printing. It's deeply disappointing that Dymo is making this happen. It's OK for other label printing but don't buy it to print stamps. I'll need to find another way to print the stamps that I need for my business.
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Dymo® LabelWriter® 450 Twin Turbo, 8-1/2" X 7-1/4" X 5-1/4"

Dymo® LabelWriter® 450 Twin Turbo, 8-1/2" X 7-1/4" X 5-1/4"

Item #: WBB1309889

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    Dymo® LabelWriter® 450 Twin Turbo, 8-1/2" X 7-1/4" X 5-1/4"
    Dymo® LabelWriter® 450 Twin Turbo, 8-1/2" X 7-1/4" X 5-1/4"
    Dymo® LabelWriter® 450 Twin Turbo, 8-1/2" X 7-1/4" X 5-1/4"
    Dymo® LabelWriter® 450 Twin Turbo, 8-1/2" X 7-1/4" X 5-1/4"
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