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Tannin/Lignin Test Kit, TA3

Tannin/Lignin Test Kit, TA3

Item #: WBB703505

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Tannin/Lignin Test Kit, TA3

A product of decomposed plant material, tannin occurs in natural waters and is used for boiler and cooling tower water treatment, dyeing, ink manufacture, tanning, and paper sizing. Lignin, also a plant product, is found in paper pulp manufacturing waste. Tannin and lignin are analyzed together and reported as mg/L tannic acid. This kit utilizes the simple, low-cost color disc method - the most accurate visual test kit method.


  • Water, Deionized 100Ml (Deminrlzd)
  • Bottle, Sq Glass 29Ml *Sell-06
  • Sodium Carbonate Soln, 100Ml
  • Nn Funnel, Analytical Pp 65Mm
  • Nn Tube, Viewing 5-10Ml-Lp W/Logo
  • Nn Stopper, Blue Rbr *Sell -06
  • Color Comparator Box, Hach Logo
  • Filter Paper, Fold 12.5Cm Pk/100
  • Insert, Molded Ta-3 Test Kit
  • Instructions, Ta-3 Test Kit
  • Formaldehyde, Acs 100Ml Mdb
  • Tanniver 3 Reagent, 100Ml Mdb
  • Dropper, Tube 0.5 & 1.0Ml
  • Label, Blank Silver 5-7/8X15/16
  • Case Assy, Hc-4
  • Color Disc 2Pc, Tannin-Lignin
  • Insert, 2Pc Color Disc Product Notice

Product Specifications

  • TYPETannin/Lignin
  • RANGE FOR TEST KITS0 - 15, 0 - 150 mg/L
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Tannin/Lignin Test Kit, TA3

Tannin/Lignin Test Kit, TA3

Item #: WBB703505

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