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Nordfab QF O-Ring, 10" Dia, Black Buna-N

Model #: WBB2228225

MPN #: 8010000984

Nordfab QF O-Ring, 10" Dia, Black Buna-N

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Replacement O-ring for sealing Nordfab's Quick-Fit Adjustable Nipple. Black O-rings are provided as standard with Adjustable Nipples. When ordering replacements, specify Black for standard applications. Specify Red for high temperatures. Black O-ring construction material is Buna-N. Red o-ring material is silicone rubber.

Many Benefits of Nordfab's Quick-Fit Ductwork
  • You Can Just Clamp It Together:Nordfab's Quick-Fit ductwork components have a rolled edge on the ends which provides easy connection to other components with use of a barrel-type clamp. A specially designed gasket inside the clamp seals the joint tightly. Installers simply and quickly clamp each piece together without any special tools. The telescoping Quick-Fit adjustable nipple eliminates precise measurements.
  • It Is Easy & Fast To Install: Because Nordfab's ducting systems clamp together, no rivets, screws or welding are needed. This cuts installation and downtime by more than 45% compared to flanged ductwork installation.
  • It's Re-useable: Quick-Fit ducting is easy to uninstall and relocate as your needs change.
  • It's Easy To Clean: Quick-Fit ducting is easy to remove, clean, and re-install — without tools.
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