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ITEM #: WBB2589832

MPN #: 78-8452F

Remanufactured Engine Control Computer, Cardone Reman 78-8452F

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CARDONE Remanufactured Electronic and Powertrain Control Modules are designed to meet or exceed O.E. performance. Reverse engineering provides insight into how and why the unit originally failed, allowing our engineers to identify and correct original design weaknesses. All critical components are re-soldered or replaced at our Philadelphia manufacturing plant, and each unit is 100% computer tested to ensure reliability. CARDONE is committed to getting your vehicle back to peak performance.
Manufacturer's Warranty: 12 Months or 18000 Miles.

OEM/Altternate Numbers(s)
FordF75F12A650ACE, F75F12A650ADC, F75F12A650ADD, F75F12A650UA, F75F12A650UD, F75F12A650VA, F75Z12A650AAB, F75Z12A650AAC, F75Z12A650ACB, F75Z12A650ACC, F75Z12A650ACD, F75Z12A650ACE, F75Z12A650ADC, F75Z12A650AGA, F75Z12A650VA, F75Z12A650VC, F75Z12A650ZA, F7PF12A650ADA, F7PF12A650AEA, F7PF12A650AHA, F7PF12A650BEA, F7PF12A650BGA, F7PF12A650BLA, F7PZ12A650ADA, F7PZ12A650AFA, F7PZ12A650AHA, F7PZ12A650BFA, F7PZ12A650BGA, F7PZ12A650BHA, F7PZ12A650BLA, F7UF12A650ADB, F7UF12A650PD, F7UF12A650RF, F7UF12A650SC, F7UF12A650SD, F7UF12A650SF, F7UF12A650TF, F7UF12A650UA, F7UF12A650UB, F7UF12A650UC, F7UF12A650UE, F7UF12A650VD, F7UF12A650VF, F7UZ12A650ADA, F7UZ12A650ADD, F7UZ12A650PA, F7UZ12A650PD, F7UZ12A650SF, F7UZ12A650TA, F7UZ12A650TC, F7UZ12A650TD, F7UZ12A650TE, F7UZ12A650TF, F7UZ12A650UC, F7UZ12A650VA, F7UZ12A650VD, F85F12A650AAA, F85F12A650AAC, F85F12A650ABA, F85F12A650ACA, F85F12A650FA, F85F12A650VC, F85F12A650ZA, F85Z12A650AB, F85Z12A650ABC, F85Z12A650VA, F8PF12A650AB, F8PF12A650ARA, F8PF12A650ASB, F8PF12A650BB, F8PF12A650CA, F8PF12A650CB, F8PF12A650DB, F8PF12A650EEA, F8PF12A650EFA, F8PF12A650EHA, F8PZ12A650AB, F8PZ12A650APA, F8PZ12A650BB, F8PZ12A650DA, F8PZ12A650EDA, F8PZ12A650EHA, F8UF12A650SD, F8UF12A650TC, F8UF12A650TD, F8UF12A650UA, F8UF12A650UB, F8UF12A650YA, F8UF12A650YB, F8UF12A650YC, F8UF12A650ZB, F8UF12A650ZD, F8UZ12A650SC, F8UZ12A650UA, F8UZ12A650UD, F8UZ12A650VB, F8UZ12A650XA, F8UZ12A650YD, F8UZ12A650ZC

Aplication Summary: Ford E-150 Econoline 1999-97, E-150 Econoline Club Wagon 1999-97, E-250 Econoline 1999-97, E-350 Econoline 1999-97, E-350 Econoline Club Wagon 1999-97, E-350 Super Duty 1999, Econoline 1999, Econoline Super Duty 1999-97, Expedition 1998-97,

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