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ITEM #: WBB2584933

MPN #: 67-4012

Remanufactured Throttle Body, Cardone Reman 67-4012

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Every CARDONE Remanufactured Electronic Throttle Body undergoes a proprietary disassembly, inspection and renewal process. Each component is meticulously evaluated and then renewed or replaced, depending on whether the component meets our stringent engineering standards. A proprietary cleaning process prevents the throttle bore surface from deformity, ensuring optimum airflow. Every unit is tested for all critical functions, including response time and air flow at multiple points to ensure peak performance.
Manufacturer's Warranty: 12 Months or 18000 Miles.

OEM/Altternate Numbers(s)
Audi06E133062C, 06E133062G, 06E133062H

Aplication Summary: Audi A4 Quattro 2009, A5 Quattro 2010-08, A6 2016 2011-10, A6 Quattro 2018-09, A7 2016, A7 Quattro 2018-12, A8 2016-15, A8 Quattro 2018-13, Q5 2017-09, Q7 2018-11, S4 2016-10, S5 2017-10, SQ5 2017-14; Volkswagen Touareg 2015-11

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