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Bare Ground Mag Plus Liquid Deicer - 1 Gallon - BGS-4 - Pkg Qty 4

Model #: WB640169

MPN #: BGS-4


Bare Ground Mag Plus Liquid Deicer - 1 Gallon - BGS-4 - Pkg Qty 4

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$47.00  Sold in packages of 4 / $11.75 ea
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Bare Ground Mag Plus Liquid Deicer - 1 Gallon - BGS-4 - Magnesium Chloride

Bare Ground Liquid Deicer melts snow and ice faster and at lower temperatures than standard rock salts. Formula is environmentally safe, biodegradable, water soluble, non-toxic to pets and plants, and is non-staining. Can reduce snow accumulations by as much as 2" when applied before snowfall, and can also be after snowfall to melt ice and snow patches. Features unique anti-bonding reactivation effect, making applied deicer last for up to 14 days. Virtually odorless and non-corrosive, and is safe for use on all surfaces including brick pavers. Provides coverage for approximately 1,000 sq. ft. For use with Bare Ground Liquid Ice Melt Systems (sold separately). Four 1 gallon jugs come per order in a case.


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