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Thera-Band® Stretch Strap, Black, 25 Each

Thera-Band® Stretch Strap, Black, 25 Each

Item #: WBB2192907

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Thera-Band® Stretch Strap, Black, 25 Each

"Comfort Stretch" Design Increases Patient ROM Improving range of motion and flexibility is often one of the first goals in rehabilitation treatment. A pre-stretch contraction helps patients and clients improve their flexibility; and practitioners now have an innovative tool for the job with the Thera-Band® Stretch Strap. The Stretch Strap's elastic design enables a highly effective contract-relax stretch, while the product's slight give supports a more comfortable static stretch. This functional dual purpose negates the need for static-only stretching straps. The Stretch Strap's numbered, multi-loop design helps users comfortably stretch their major muscle groups as well as their extremities and specific connective tissues such as the plantar fascia. It also enables you to provide clear, accurate instructions when setting goals and limitations. Thera-Band® Stretch Straps, complete with safety and use instructions, come bulk packaged in individual poly-bags. Thera-Band® Stretch Strap, 25 Pack.

Product Details

  • Brand Thera-Band
  • Package Quantity 25
  • Description Thera-Band® Stretch Strap
  • Warranty 1 yr
  • Manufacturers Part Number 10-1384-25
  • Color Family Black

Weights & Dimensions

  • Width 2 in
  • Height 1/4 in
  • Weight 10 lbs
  • Length 6-1/4 in
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Thera-Band® Stretch Strap, Black, 25 Each

Thera-Band® Stretch Strap, Black, 25 Each

Item #: WBB2192907

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