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Bosch BLAZE™ Pro GLM165-40 165 Ft. Laser Measure

Bosch BLAZE™ Pro GLM165-40 165 Ft. Laser Measure

Item #: WB700204


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Bosch BLAZE™ Pro GLM165-40 165 Ft. Laser Measure

The Bosch BLAZE™ Pro GLM165-40 165 Ft. Laser Measure is a fully featured yet simple-to-use tool. It provides an easy-to-read backlit display that illuminates the measurements, and it delivers distance, square footage, volume and indirect measuring functions. It has a 10-measurement storage capability. This measure has addition/subtraction functionality, so the user can add or subtract measurements. The BLAZE™ Pro includes default real-time measurement mode, adjusting the measurement the closer to or further from the target the laser measure is. It has laser precision technology and real-time measurement mode, for instant and reliable measurements up to 165 Ft., to size up the job in seconds. It is accurate up to +/-1/16 In. It fits in any pocket for easy access.


  • Pocket-sized laser measure – fits into a pocket or tool belt, and the BLAZE™ Pro measurer still has 165 Ft. range, a backlit display, multiple measuring features and a 10-measurement storage capability
  • Easy-to-read backlit display – illuminates numbers with distinct resolution, allowing work in low-light or no-light conditions
  • Default real-time measurement mode – immediately provides accurate measurement that automatically adjusts closer to or farther from the target
  • Add/subtract measurements – allows the user to add or subtract measurements
  • Multiple measuring features – calculates distance, square footage, volume and indirect measurements
  • Memory storage – provides storage for up to 10 measurements
  • Accuracy and long-range measuring – provides accuracy up to +/-1/16 In. and measures up to 165 Ft.
  • Jobsite tough – withstands rainy or dusty jobsite conditions, and is IP54 rated
  • Handy wrist strap – for carry-along convenience
  • (1) GLM165-40 BLAZE™ Pro 165 Ft. Laser Measure
  • (1) Hand Strap
  • (5) Target Cards
  • (2) AAA Batteries
  • (1) Pouch

Product Specifications

  • TYPELaser Distance Measurer
  • ACCURACY (+/-) INCHES1/16
  • MEASURING_ACCURACYTyp. +/-1/16-in (1.5 mm)
  • WEIGHT LBS0.39
  • RANGEUp to 165-ft.
  • INCLUDES(1)Laser Measure, (1)Hand Strap, (5)Target Cards, (2)AAA Batteries, (1)Pouch
  • ACCURACY± 1/16"
  • BRANDBosch
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  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: January 12, 2020

    Excellent tool
    Your review:
    Use it on my jobsite daily. Very convenient. Also handy as a laser pointer in out of reach areas.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: January 11, 2020

    Easy to use!
    Your review:
    The laser helps me to find the exact point in the walk. As a Realtor it is a great tool!
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: January 10, 2020

    Works Great
    Your review:
    I got this for quickly measuring things around the house. I've found it to be really easy to use. Distance readings are pretty much instantaneous. I went for this model for the jump up to 1/16 accuracy which is nice. Realistically I don't think I'll come anywhere close to needing the full range of 165 ft except maybe outdoors. At that distance you likely won't be able to even see the laser but if you're confident that it's pointing where you want it can still get readings. On an overcast day I was able to get readings outside out to around 90 ft. So inside or outside at night I would imagine you could go even further. Overall really happy with this tool and it will be speeding up all kinds of measurements I need to make around the house.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: January 08, 2020

    Great tool
    Your review:
    I asked for this tool for Christmas. It works great and has nice features.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: December 12, 2019

    Dosen't feel like a knock off
    Your review:
    I don't need a metal measurement tape probably just to ha as a backup
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: November 13, 2019

    great feature
    Your review:
    I asked my friend about it ,and when he explained about it I bought it this day ,but not use till now ,I want to know how dose it work .
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: May 24, 2019

    Easy to use
    Your review:
    Bought the glm165 for measuring crown moldings. The one thing that takes practice is holding it perfectly still when taking measurements. It would be nice if there was some sort of dampening feature on it. You can create an error of a quarter inch and not even know it.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: May 23, 2019

    Great Compact Laser Measure
    Your review:
    This is my first laser measurement device. Works great and is easy to figure out the different modes. The only thing that prevents 5 stars is the size of the fractions; a little too small for the over 40 crowd. ;-)
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: April 14, 2019

    Nice tool
    Your review:
    I’m not a contractor, just someone who like tools that have great features and performance. This one is pretty cool and easy to use, more efficient then the regular measuring tape when it come to take quick measurement !!! Don’t regret it ;
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: April 05, 2019

    Great unit
    Your review:
    This is a great little unit. It made measuring a room and preparing the install of a wall mounted TV easy.
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Bosch BLAZE™ Pro GLM165-40 165 Ft. Laser Measure

Bosch BLAZE™ Pro GLM165-40 165 Ft. Laser Measure

Item #: WB700204

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