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Centric Premium Brake Master Cylinder, Centric Parts 130.83002

Centric Premium Brake Master Cylinder, Centric Parts 130.83002

Item #: WBB2632096

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Centric Premium Brake Master Cylinder

The Centric Parts brake hydraulic program is the most complete and up-to-date in the industry and includes Brake Master and Wheel Cylinders, Brake Hoses, Caliper And Wheel Cylinder Repair Kits And Remanufactured Power Boosters. Centric Parts Brake Master Cylinders match original equipment parts in quality, configuration and fitment. Cylinders are complete with reservoirs, switches, and floats and are offered with the original aluminum casting body design where applicable. Match O.E. parts in quality, configuration and fitment; Complete with reservoirs, switches and floats; Original aluminum casting body design where applicable; Manufactured under the highest quality standards by OEM and OES manufacturers.

Aplication Summary: 1941-1946 International 7 COE, 1941-1949 International 5 COE, 1941-1949 International 5K, 1941-1949 International 5KS, 1941-1949 International 6K, 1941-1949 International 6KS, 1941-1949 International 7K, 1941-1949 International 7KS, 1950-1955 International L180 Models, 1950-1955 International LC180 Models, 1950-1955 International R180 Models, 1950-1955 International RC180 Models, 1952-1955 International L170 Models, 1952-1955 International R170 Models, 1956-1957 International CO180, 1956-1957 International S160 Models, 1956-1957 International S164, 1956-1957 International S170, 1956-1957 International SC160 Models, 1956-1960 International R185 Bus, 1956-1960 International R1853 Bus, 1956-1960 International SM160 Models, 1956-1963 International AM160 Metro, 1956-1963 International AMC160 Metro, 1958-1960 International A160 Models, 1958-1960 International A170 Models, 1958-1960 International A180 Models, 1958-1960 International AC160 Models, 1958-1960 International AC170 Models, 1958-1960 International AC180 Models, 1958-1960 International B160 Models, 1958-1960 International B170 Models, 1958-1960 International B180 Models, 1958-1960 International BC160 Models, 1958-1960 International BC170 Models, 1958-1960 International BC180 Models, 1958-1967 International 173 FC Bus, 1958-1967 International 183 FC, 1962-1972 International 1703, 1962-1982 International 1603 School Bus, 1962-1982 International S1624, 1972-1979 International CO1610A Cargostar, 1972-1979 International CO1610FC Cargostar, 1972-1979 International CO1630A Cargostar, 1972-1979 International CO1630B Cargostar, 1972-1979 International CO1630FC Cargostar, 1972-1982 International Cargostar, 1973-1982 International 1724, 1973-1982 International 1754, 1973-1982 International 1824, 1973-1982 International 1854, 1973-1982 International S1723, 1973-1982 International S1753, 1973-1982 International S1823, 1973-1982 International S1853, 1973-1982 International S1853FC

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Centric Premium Brake Master Cylinder, Centric Parts 130.83002

Centric Premium Brake Master Cylinder, Centric Parts 130.83002

Item #: WBB2632096

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