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Easily Track Your Order Status on Any Device

Easily Track Your Order Status on Any Device

Track Order Through the Global Industrial Home Page


After signing into your account, the most recent orders in process can be viewed by clicking on "Track Order" from the header on the page. Clicking on "View All Orders" in the "Track Order" dropdown menu will take you to the "Order History" page where in you can view all orders placed.

Track Order Through My Account

  • Go to Global Industrial homepage and login to your account.
  • Click on "My Account" under your name. You will be redirected to your account page where you can Manage Orders, Track Recent Orders and view their status.
  • You can also click on "My Orders" which will take you to the "Order History" page to view the status of your orders and track orders.

Track Your Order From Order History

  • Go to the "Order History" page from your account.
  • Choose the order you want to track.
  • Select "Track Order" next to your order on the right-hand side.
  • You will be able to view all updates related to the order. Clicking on "Show Details" below "In Transit" on the "Track Order" page will enable you to view all delivery updates.

Track Your Order From Order Detail Page

  • Go to "Order History" from the "My Account" page.
  • Click on "View Order" on the right-hand side next to the specific order you’d like to track.
  • Click on "Track Order" under the item details to view the order status.

Track Your Order Without Logging in

  • Go to the Global Industrial homepage and click on "Track Order".
  • Enter the requested information in the fields under "Order or PO Number" and "Bill To or Ship To Zip Code".
  • Click on "Find My Order" to view order status. You will be redirected to an "Order Details" page with order status.

Check Your Order Status and Track Order Through Confirmation Email

  • You can check the status of your order by clicking on "Check Your Order Status" on the order confirmation email that you receive when you place the order.
  • You can also track your order from the shipment confirmation email that you receive. Click on the "Track Order" button from shipment confirmation email to view the order details and status. You can click on the Tracking Number provided in the email next to the product being shipped to check the Order Status In Transit.

Track Your Order Through Live Chat

  • Open the Global Industrial live chat window on any of device.
  • Select "Order Status/Order Tracking" option.
  • Enter your order or account number when prompted.
  • Review your status.

Sign in to Receive Text

Easily Track Your Shipment With Text Notifications

Track Your Shipment With Text Notifications

There Are Two Ways You Can Sign Up for Mobile Alerts

1. Through "My Account"

  • Sign in to your Global Industrial account.
  • Go to "My Account" and click on "Account Details".
  • Enter your phone number and check the Receive "SMS Notifications" box.

2. Enter the mobile number to receive SMS alerts after order has been placed on the Order Confirmation page.

Pay Your Invoice

Pay Your Invoice - Easily

Pay Your Invoice Through "My Account"

  • Login and go to "My Account".
  • Go to "Invoices" on the left side of the page.
  • Click on the invoice number to download the invoice.
  • Click on "Pay Via Billtrust" to make an online payment.

Pay Your Invoice Through Online Chat

Request an Invoice

Request an Invoice, Commercial Invoice or Packing Slip – Easily

If you need to see a copy of your invoice, commercial invoice or packing slip for records-keeping, simply use our live chat button.

Select the Copy of Invoice/Pay Invoice option or the choice that lists what you need, have your invoice number ready, and our automated system will generate it for you.

Auto Reorder

Auto Reorder is a convenient way to create a subscription for the product(s) you want shipped with regular frequency. The service is flexible to your demands and is designed to be customizable for users with a registered Global Industrial account.

What Makes Auto Reorder Awesome?

It’s Simple and Flexible

Auto Reorder is made to suit your business needs. Skip an upcoming delivery, change the delivery date, or activate and reactivate whenever you need.

Convenient & Cost Effective

The same great products you want – now eligible for automatic delivery on a your schedule, with no additional fees.

Easily Manageable

Turn the tedious task of replenishing monthly inventory into a seamless and easy-to-monitor system.

How Can an Auto Reorder Subscription Be Activated?

Activating an Auto Reorder Subscription for a Product(s) is Easy.

  • Create and/or sign into your Global Industrial account.
  • Go to the product page of the item you want that is eligible for Auto Reorder*.
  • Select the quantity first, then click on the "Auto Reorder" tab (This can also be edited from the shopping cart page).
  • Select the delivery frequency and click "Create Subscription". You will be successfully subscribed to the product and quantity then added to your cart.
  • Click on "View cart & Checkout" and proceed to checkout as usual. Modifications to the subscription at this point can still be made on the shopping cart page before finalizing the order.

*Auto Reorder is only available for eligible products. Please note that not all products will have an Auto Reorder option.

What Happens After an Auto Reorder Subscription is Activated?

You will receive a notification via email confirming an Auto Reorder subscription has been assigned. The email message will include a link to access the recently activated subscription(s) where you can manage future orders and upcoming automatic deliveries.

Can I Skip an Upcoming Delivery Without Having to Cancel an Auto Reorder Subscription?

Yes, of Course. Please Follow the Steps Below to Skip an Upcoming Delivery.

  • Go to "Auto Reorders" on the "My Account" page.
  • Locate "Upcoming Delivery Date" on the "Upcoming Deliveries" tab and click "Skip Upcoming Delivery".
  • A message will be displayed confirming the upcoming delivery date and the changes will be saved automatically.
How Can I Change My "Upcoming Delivery" Date?
  • Go to "My Account" page and locate "Auto Reorders".
  • On the "Upcoming Deliveries" tab click on the calendar near "Upcoming Delivery Date" and select the desired date.
  • Click on "Apply Changes" to save the delivery date changes.
Can a Delivery Frequency Be Changed?

Yes, Just Follow the Steps Below.

  • Go to the "My Account" page and locate "Auto Reorders".
  • On the "Subscription" tab, click on the "Delivery Frequency" dropdown and select the desired frequency.
  • Click "Apply Changes" for the frequency changes to be updated successfully. The delivery frequency changes made will be applied to future deliveries.
How Do I View My Delivery History?
  • Go to "Auto Reorders" on "My Account" page.
  • Go to the "Subscriptions" tab.
  • Click on "View Delivery History" for the item you would like to view.

How Do I Activate or Deactivate a Subscription?

Marking a subscription inactive will stop all future orders from processing until you reactivate the subscription. Upon reactivation, the items will be delivered at the quantity & delivery frequency you have selected.

  • Go to "Auto Reorders" on the "My Account" page.
  • Go to the "Subscriptions" tab.
  • Click on "Active/Inactive" toggle to change the status and then click on "Apply Changes" for the status changes to be saved. Any status changes will be applicable for the future deliveries.

Can an Auto Reorder Plan Be Reactivated After Being Cancelled?

A cancelled subscription cannot be reactivated; however, a new subscription for eligible items can be created. These new subscriptions will all be manageable under your account.

Can an Auto Reorder Delivery Plan Be Cancelled by Global Industrial?

Global Industrial strives to deliver your subscribed products as long as your subscription is active. However, in the unfortunate event that a subscribed product is discontinued, an email alert will be sent and the subscription will be cancelled.

How Do I View and Manage My Auto-delivery Orders if I Checked Out as a Guest User?

While we provide the option to place an order on your account as a guest, a password will be required to access your account and view or manage any information about your orders, including items that are under an Auto Reorder subscription. To create an account, you can either click on "Manage Auto Reorder" in the Subscription Notification email you have received or you visit and select "Create Account".

How Do I Cancel an Auto Reorder Subscription?
  • Go to the "My Account" page and select "Auto Reorders".
  • Click the "Subscriptions" tab.
  • Click on "Cancel Subscription" for the item you would like to cancel the assigned subscription, then choose "Yes" to confirm the cancellation. All future orders that are not already being processed will be cancelled.

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