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Efficiently clean a wide variety of parts made from metal, glass, or plastic. Ideal for optical components, tools, surgical instruments, and more.

Achieve the desired shape and size while easily cutting, sanding, knurling, and drilling with any one of our many lathes.

Ideal for those working in industrial metal-working, manufacturing, and milling applications.

Useful in a wide variety of applications and efficient in the removal of oils, grease and particulates.

Ideal for heavy-duty and general-purpose grinding in large material applications including metalworking and construction.

The perfect ultrasonic basket for washing parts and tools after use. Several models feature lids to hold parts in place during wash cycles.

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When you need heavy-duty machining equipment for the toughest jobs, Global Industrial can supply that. We have a huge inventory of machinery, including drill presses, power saws, milling machines, grinders, and sanders. We also carry a variety of parts cleaning and treating supplies, metalworking fluids, and tool holders that will keep your workshop, manufacturing plant, or other commercial facility clean and running efficiently.