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Seating provides comfort and function in any setting. Office, task, and executive chairs are ideal for traditional offices, while cleanroom and ESD chairs are designed for use in controlled settings free from pollutants. Waiting room chairs offer optimal comfort for guests.


Stools are versatile seating options for offices, restaurants, shops, and more. Task and office stools can be used in various workspaces, while ESD, medical, and shop stools are made for specific settings. Barstools and counter-height stools are ideal for restaurants and bars.


Chairs Mats

Protect floors and enhance mobility with chair mats. Available in various shapes and sizes, chair mats prevent floor scuffs or carpet pulls and make chair movements smoother. Carpet chair mats, hard-surface chair mats, and multi-surface chair mats are ideal for any work setting.

Outdoor Seating

Provide respite in any outdoor space with commercial outdoor seating. Outdoor bar stools and patio chairs are ideal for restaurants, benches can be used in parks, chaise lounges are for use in various leisure settings, and bleachers are tiered seating options for outdoor events.

Offers functional seating in parks and other public outdoor spaces.

Provides tiered-seating during sports and other outdoor events.

Provides stylish outdoor seating designed to withstand all weather elements.

Provides a versatile spot to sit or lie down and soak up the sun.

Offers rustic-style outdoor seating in leisure settings.

Provides elevated seating for counter-height restaurant tables and bar counters.

Exclusive Brands Seating

Our Brands

We believe that our Exclusive Brands have unique qualities and attributes and tell compelling stories throughout a variety of industries. Each brand is strategically-focused, ensuring they exceed industry standards, so they can exceed your standards, too.

Made To Exceed.

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Assorted Seating

Enhance any work setting or commercial space with comfortable seating options. Couches and ottomans provide optimal comfort in commercial lobby and reception areas, while classroom chairs and locker room benches are functional options for schools and gyms.

Provides elongated bench seating solutions for gyms, schools, and more.

Modular, cushioned seating for comfort in lobbies or waiting rooms.

Versatile footrests or extra seating for stylish and flexible spaces.

Provides functional, ergonomic seating for kids in educational settings.

Offers tandem seating along a support beam designed to seat multiple guests at a time.

Promotes active sitting and engages core muscles for improved posture.


Discover our commercial seating products, perfect for any space. From office chairs to ergonomic chairsstools to task chairs, we have everything you need to provide comfort and support to your employees or guests. Choose from a variety of materials, colors, and styles to fit your aesthetic preferences and space requirements. Whether you're outfitting a conference room, home office, or classroom, we've got a reliable and comfortable seating solution for you!