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Establish personal space between workstations, reception, and call centers in virtually any office environment.

Our furniture and computer desks are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and packing and shipping centers where workstations need to be moved between multiple areas.

Reduce strain and overall body fatigue when working in a home office or traditional office settings. Our office stools are ergonomic and affordable.

Designed to withstand the sun, wet weather, and daily wear, our outdoor furniture is practical and will elevate any public or private space.

Our office furniture is built to last, adjustable, and comfortable enough for users to work for long periods of time.

Our desks adjust to different heights, so users have the option to sit or stand while working. They are perfect for cubicles and offices, even home offices.

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We offer countless options to seat employees, guests, and visitors for your business. We're confident you'll find your throne and main décor here.

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Receive optimal comfort, convenience, and support that meets the expectations you're looking for.

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We're the one-stop shop for industrial furnishing and seating choices - indoors and out. 

Furniture & Decor

When you need the right furniture for your business to make a good first impression, Global Industrial can supply that. We have a large selection of office furniture including stylish office workstations, cubicles, and office chairs. You can also browse our wide variety of seating like stools and benches, as well as our outdoor furniture including outdoor seating and tables.