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We offer countless options to seat employees, guests, and visitors for your business. We're confident you'll find your throne and main décor here.

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Establish personal space between workstations, reception, and call centers in virtually any office environment.

Ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and packing and shipping centers where workstations need to be moved between multiple areas.

Reduce strain and overall body fatigue when working from home or in an office setting. Our office stools are ergonomic and affordable.

Provide employees and guests a place to eat or relax in your office space, cafeteria, or banquet hall.

Our office furniture is built to last, adjustable, and comfortable enough for users to work for long periods of time.

Mix it up at work—our desks adjust to different heights so users have the choice to sit or stand while working.


Furniture & Decor

First impressions are important for your business, so when a customer or future employee walks into your lobby for the first time, the ambiance you create will set the tone. Whether you want to design your lobby and workspaces from the ground up, create more space, or remodel an outdated office setting, Global Industrial® has a wide variety of parititions & cubicles, industrial furniture, office desks, office chairs, office tables, file cabinets, decor and more to spruce up any room of any size. But inside is just one part of your work space. When you want to build outdoor space for al fresco meetings or lunch/break areas, Global Industrial® has a wide variety of picnic tables, outdoor seating, water fountains & bottle filling stations, plus umbrellas and canopies. A complete office environment can integrate childcare & nursery spaces for productive parents and/or fitness & gym equipment to promote healthy lifestyles and stress relief.