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From deburring grinders to jackhammers to automated machines and excavators, many of your favorite products and places were built using pneumatics. Pneumatics is the process of pressurizing ambient air and delivering it to one location, or multiple workstations, in order to drive tools and machinery. Here at Global Industrial® we supply a wide assortment of compressors, tools, and accessories to help your business get the job done. We stock all your favorite brands plus a full line of private label products to fit your needs…that won’t break the bank.

How Does a Pneumatic System Work?

A pneumatic system can be broken down into five essential components that compresses, stores, controls, delivers, and uses air that is taken from the environment.

  • Air Compressor: Pressurizes air
  • Reservoir: Stores the compressed air
  • Valve(s): Allows the air to flow
  • Lines & Hoses: Deliver the air to tools
  • Pneumatic Tools: Uses the air to perform a job or action

Since all the energy used is supplied by the compressed air, many tools such as air guns, grinders, and even jack hammers are lighter in weight to reduce operator fatigue. This improves efficiency when compared with electric tools that house motors or feature heavy batteries. Within the basic framework of a pneumatics system, there are additional accessories and add-ons to increase your system’s efficiency and prolong your tool’s service life. These items can include: surge tanks to provide a more consistent air flow, drain tanks that help extract moisture from your system, filters to keep your air lines free from particulates, fittings to connect your pneumatic system together, lubricators for various moving parts, and gauges that allow you to monitor pressure from, to, and through your system.

Pneumatic Machines & Accessories

From portable 1-stage job-site models to large room-size rotary machines, you can't have a pneumatic system without a compressor. It’s the first piece of equipment you need and it should be sized according to your project or job site needs.


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From simple blowers, staplers, impact guns, and sprayers to pressers, inflators, excavators, and cutters, the tools are where the air meets the job. Since they are not equipped with conventional motors and don’t need batteries, air tools tend to have more compact housings and have a lower maintenance need.


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If it’s not a compressor or a tool, it’s an accessory. Including items like couplers, connectors, nipples, filters, valves, hoses, and gauges, these accessories allow you to customize, monitor, and maintain your pneumatic system which lead to – you guessed it – less down-time and longer service life from the compressor to tools.

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What are Pneumatics used for?

Automation & Robotics

Free workers from menial tasks, improve accuracy, reduce waste, and operate around the clock through the use of pneumatics in manufacturing operations.

Automotive & Transportation

Get superior performance from your air tools and complete any repair job such as tire changing, vehicle painting, or general autobody work.

Farming & Agriculture

The use of pneumatic valves ensure operations run continuously in climate control systems, dairy parlor automation systems, and chicken egg inoculators.


From the concrete foundation to the final window trim, workers will use air hammers, nail guns, and a wide variety other air tools to finish the job.

Textile Manufacturing

Power automated equipment such as sewing and spinning machines, printing machines, and loom jet weaving systems.


Operators can move earth and displace soil to safely reach structures, buried utilities, or artifacts without damaging the subject.

Coal Mining

Pneumatics provide a source of both energy and safety in the mining industry. Without tools such as solenoid valves drilling, ventilation, and extraction of resources would not be possible in this environment.

Die Casting

Pneumatics play a key role in the molding of mass manufactured products such as medical devices, machine parts, and modern appliances.



Quieter air compressors and composite body air tools; a short guide to the latest developments in pneumatics.