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Creating a warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment for students and teachers makes learning better and easier. From parking lots to classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, & hallways, Global Industrial has the solutions and supplies you need to keep your school or university running smoothly, looking great, and current with the latest technology.

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Gone are the days of simple 1-room school houses. Today’s learning institutions have a lot of rooms and areas to keep track of, equip, and maintain. Each piece is an important part of the teaching & learning process and have specific & unique needs. Knowing and meeting those needs ensures your students, teachers, and staff are set up for success.

Mats With A Degree In Comfort & Support

Operations & Janitorial Needs

Keeping your school clean requires strict adherence to daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routines. Having the right equipment and the right supplies makes the job easier and gets all your surfaces cleaner, but surface cleaning is just part of the equation in making a building clean.

In addition to regular cleaning cycles, adhering to a service schedule for your HVAC systems is critical to maintaining good air quality and equipment longevity. Utilizing air purifiers, HEPA filters, and air conditioners, fans, and coolers, you ensure your students and staff breathe easy in comfort.

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K-12 Supplies

As students move through the grades, their needs seem to simultaneously constantly change and yet remain the same. From pens & binders to art & crafts, creative play, and furniture of all kinds, Global Industrial has the supplies and equipment you need to outfit your school whether it’s a kindergarten, elementary, middle, or high school.

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