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Pneumatic accessories encompass just about everything that’s not a compressor or tool. Some accessories are essential to your system—like hoses, couplers, and fittings—and need to be chosen based on your application. Others, like filters, gauges, surge tanks, and lubricators, help your pneumatic system run more efficiently and extend the service life of all the components that make up the system.

Brands We Carry

Global Industrial® carries all the most popular and top-rated brands for all your accessory needs, including: Atlas Copco, Air Spade, Jet-Kleen™, Arrow Pneumatics, and more.

Our Top Selling Pneumatic Accessories

Ideal for sensitive arboreal work including vertical mulching, bare rooting, radial trenching, and soil aeration, this kit includes the powerful Air-Spade® 2000 air excavation tool that is equipped with a patented supersonic nozzle that digs around sensitive roots without damaging them, and all the components and accessories favored by professional arborists and landscapers.

  • 200MPH laser like air flow blows dirt away, allowing for safe excavation.

  • Rather than dig and probe with backhoes and shovels, this tool blows dirt away, making it safe to dig around gas/electric lines, plastic pipes, and more.

  • Innovative nozzle focueses air alowing complete control of material movement.

This spring-driven reel is built for industrial use with reinforced heavy-gauge steel construction treated with a corrosion-resistant powder coat finish. An adjustable guide arm allows for floor- or wall-mounting at different angles, and its latch and shielded steel spring ensure a long life and easy retraction.

  • Works in any 3/8”-based tool and pneumatics system

  • Includes the roller guide, 3/8" NPT inlet hose, hose stopper, 3/8" NPT male brass connector for air tool, and protective sleeve for hose end

  • The 3/8” hose is 50’L and can handle up to 300 PSI

The 1" Fastpipe system uses compression fittings for fast installation in half the time of conventional methods without gluing, threading, or soldering required. The kit can be installed in small shops or integrated into an existing system to expand or modify it. Piping won’t rust or corrode.

  • Easy customization with mix-and-match compatibility

  • Easy-connect compression fittings for fast installation that can handle high-pressure

  • Integrate important accessories like filter, regulators, and lubricators exactly where they are needed

Refrigerated air dryers such as the Atlas Copco FD Cycling Series are very important in any compressed air system, as it expands the life cycle of your equipment and ensures the highest quality of your end product. FD Series dryers come standard with the direct expansion saver-cycle dryer, which allows for system shut-down at lower loads, providing you with maximum energy savings.

  • Driving down energy costs

  • Easy installation and long maintenance intervals

  • Low environmental impact

This 5-stage desiccant drying system provides a -30° dew point while also filtering out moisture. It includes a 40-micron water-elimination filter, a 0.01-micron coalescing filter, a 2-quart desiccant dryer, a 3-micron filter/regulator, and a shutoff valve. 2-quarts of desiccant beads are also included.

  • Full 1-gallon desiccant filter effectively removes all moisture

  • Includes a shutoff valve and regulator for full pneumatic control

  • 4-stage filtration system

The Jet-Kleen blow-off system can be safely used on any person, surface, component or anywhere in the work environment where fibers, dust or other debris may need to be effectively removed. Because the Jet-Kleen does not use compressed airflow, it can be aimed directly at the whole body, including in direct contact with the skin.

  • Blow gun tool that can be used on people as well as surfaces

  • At 3PSI, the blow gun is below the OSHA standards allowing for safe use anywhere

  • Built in chip guard protects the end-user from debris blow-back providing safe use in tight areas