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Air tools are what gets the job done. Offered in a wide range of designs and uses, if you have it in a corded or battery-powered version, there’s a pneumatic model that is just as powerful, and many times MORE powerful, but lighter and with a longer service life. Unlike popular battery-powered tools that rely on proprietary brand-specific batteries, pneumatic tools are compatible across brands

Brands We Carry

Global Industrial® carries all the tools you need to get every job done by all the best brands including: Ingersoll Rand, Jet, 3M™, Milton, Dynabrade, and more.

Our Top Selling Air Tools

The AIRCAT® Vibrotherm 1/2" Composite Impact Wrench features the new patent pending Vibrotherm Drive impact mechanism that reduces vibration levels by 30-40% and increases the life of the mechanism by 50%. Patented AIRCAT® muffler provides low noise levels of only 82dB. Patented AIRCAT® grip provides operator comfort and triple-injected molded body provides strength and excellent designs.

  • Provides 900 ft-lb maximum torque and 1300 ft-lb of loosening torque

  • The cutting edge innovative mechanism reduces vibration levels by 30%-40% and increases the life of the mechanism by 50%

  • The latest patented AIRCAT® muffler system provides the AIRCAT®'s unmatched low noise levels at and unheard of 82dB

A reliable addition to any workshop that handles deburring, polishing, and grinding, the Global Industrial 1/4" Rear-Exhaust Die Grinder delivers up to 22,000 RPM and features a rugged aluminum housing for long-lasting durability. This rear-type exhaust air grinder includes a safety lever that prevents an accidental start. The built-in silencer and regulator adds convenience, safety, and control.

  • Compact, comfortable in the hand, and smooth running with low vibraton

  • High quality, low sell price. A great alternative to High recognition competitive product (IR, CP, FP, Dynabrade)

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Cutting through materials is a staple of any demolition or metal working job. If you want to do the best job possible you get the Sioux Model 1300 Air Sawzall. The 130 is an outstanding and powerful Reciprocating Saw, offering variable speed control for precise cutting action in any application. This particular reciprocating saw is a feature-laden behemoth that can tackle whatever you throw in its way.

  • Smooth cuttig action that can power through metal of all gauge

  • Fewer internal components, allowing for robust use without fear of failure

  • No tripped breakers like electirc tools that requires 15AMPs of power

Proven quality and reliability. The time-tested 9-series Nutrunner offers power, speed, and convenient operating features, and delivers results time and again. It has a 1/2" square spindle with a free speed of 300 rpm, and a wide torque range of up to 82.0 in-lbs that can be adjusted by limiting air pressure. Its compact design is lightweight and well-balanced with a contoured soft-grip handle. This tool is recommended for soft pull applications that do not require critical torque control.

  • Non-lube motor allows for easy maintenance and service with just a spanner wrench

  • Simple and easy push button reverse

  • Lever actuator is intuitive and comfortable to use with less strain and fatigue

The Ingersoll Rand Thunder Gun puts pit-crew speed and power in the palm of your hand. It looks and sounds just like the original tool used by most NASCAR pit crews. It is the fastest ½” impact tool available, delivering 10,000 RPMs and featuring a black powder coat handle and housing. Put this tool to work at the track or your garage, and at a much more affordable cost than the original.

  • The fastest 1/2" Impactool available

  • Delivers 10,000 RPMs for lighting speed

  • 625 ft-lb of torque at 3500 blow per minute

1.3 hp Depressed Center Wheel Grinder is ideal for fast weld and stock removal, heavy deburring, plus rust and scale removal. Dynabrade Depressed Center Wheel Grinders accept optional grinding wheels and abrasive flap discs, providing material removal solutions to a variety of industries. Designed to the Dynabrade standard of excellence, these tools are available in regular and extended lengths.

  • Powerful 1.3HP motor to plow though steel and iron

  • 12,000 RPM to quickly remove material

  • Versitile accepting both depressed center grinding wheels and abrasive flp discs


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