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In the heat of the moment, you want to make an impression. Your outdoor space is no exception. It should be clean, inviting, and make your guests want to stay for a while. Surrounding your commercial office, hotel, or business with the right outdoor equipment, seating, and amenities is essential to your success—and that’s where we come in. Whether you’re looking to make quick upgrades to dining areas, or increase comfort during the hot summer season, we have everything you need to design the ideal outdoor escape.

10 Ways to Create the Perfect Outdoor Escape

  1. Decide where improvements and upgrades can be made.
  2. Understand the common temperature of the area.
  3. Consider placing canopies around existing outdoor furniture.
  4. Install cooling fans in areas where large crowds congregate.
  5. Ensure all water fountains and hydration stations are working.
  6. Purchase new trash cans, in one color, for a quick upgrade to your space.
  7. Place barriers and safety guards where crowd control can become an issue.
  8. Provide additional seating and picnic tables that can stand up to the weather.
  9. Place bicycle racks and metal equipment in the shade.
  10. Invest in furniture covers to protect chairs and dining areas overnight.

Time to Design

Research has shown that spending time outside can positively impact a person’s mood, help them recharge, and increase their overall health. So, when creating an outdoor space to congregate, think about what might keep your guests outside longer. What will they need? What will attract them? We have a few ideas in mind.

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Dining Al Fresco

Is there anything better than dining outside in beautiful weather? We don’t think so. Create ambiance using umbrellas, awnings, cushioned chairs, and planters to generate privacy and exclusivity. You can also install cooling fans for those hotter days in the sun.

Outside The Office

A clean and modern outdoor break area is essential for today’s office settings. Providing employees with proper dining amenities to eat meals and step away from their desk will increase productivity and allow them to interact organically with colleagues.

School Grounds

Build your students a safe and fun area for meals and play time. Update parking signs, picnic tables, and equipment so they can be more active and interact with one another.

Private And Public Parks

Create a special place for visitors by adding drinking fountains for easy hydration on-the-go, new trash cans, benches for cooling off under a tree, and so much more. We carry a wide variety of colors and materials.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Outdoor Furniture

Commercial property design often pays close attention to curb appeal to attract visitors, and interior layouts and finishes to keep them comfortable once they’re in the doors. But the space between your parking lot and your interior space can have a major impact on how customers, employees, and partners experience your facility and your brand.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Seating


Style. Think about the size, shape, and look of your furniture.


Flexibility. Will the seating be permanent or removable?


Material. Take sun exposure and anti-corrosive properties into consideration.

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