From the lobby to the loading dock: 8 ways Global Industrial® supports businesses

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Is your janitorial staff equipped with the right maintenance supplies? No matter your needs, Global Industrial® offers end-to-end solutions for nearly every step of your operation, from personal protective gear and janitorial supplies to furnishings and storage. Read on to learn how to level up your facility and workflow, and how Global Industrial® can help.


Outdoor Spaces


A clean and well-manicured exterior to your facility stands not only to please your customers but also to energize your employees as they enter the facility in the morning or navigate the campus during their shifts. Consider these ideas:







Lobby and Break Rooms


Keep the positive first impression going with an inviting interior entrance. Here are a few tips:







Give your office staff the productive workspaces they need to perform their daily tasks. Don’t forget these features:



  • Choose from a range of desks designed to fit any office setup.




  • Keep office supplies stocked so employees can quickly find what they need.


Storage and Shelving


A well-stocked and organized operation makes a good impression within the organization and to your clients and other visitors. Consider the following:



  • Keep your larger inventory and materials safe and damage-free with sturdy commercial shelving and pallet racks, which you can purchase preconfigured to fit your pallets.


  • Add mesh enclosures to secure all materials and inventory, reducing the risk of damage, loss, and employee injury.



Picking, Packing, and Processing


Avoid wasting employee energy, and fulfill orders efficiently, by co-locating picking areas, packing stations, and conveyors. Remember to:




Loading Dock


There are many risks for theft, equipment damage, and employee injury at a loading dock. If workers become too focused on the job at hand, they can forget to watch their step. Reduce that risk by taking these precautions:



  • Add strip curtain doors at the loading dock to protect equipment and materials from inclement weather.



  • Install security gates at the dock door to ensure unauthorized entry.


Janitorial and Maintenance


An organized workplace stands to benefit employee productivity—and impress your guests. Use these tips to get started:



  • Furnish janitors with equipment such as floor scrubbers and polishers to ensure your floors last, and make a lasting impression day-to-day.



Overall Safety


Whether an employee is sitting at a desk or driving a forklift, there is always a risk of injury on the job. Ensure safety is top priority. Considerations include:


  • Make sure all employees receive proper training in equipment operation, handling of supplies, and general protocols.




  • Ensure workers practice evacuation protocols on a regular basis, and mount lighted exit signs and other emergency lighting, so they can easily find their way in potential high-stress situations, such as a fire.


Global Industrial® carries the products and equipment your team needs, from the lobby to the loading dock and everywhere in between. Connect with our product experts to select the supplies you need to drive your business forward.




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