Operating Efficiently by Automating Packing and Shipping

How often do you think about upgrading your packing and shipping? If you’re like most of us, you are juggling so many tasks on a given workday that packing and shipping is the last thing on your mind. But by using the same old outdated processes, we are potentially missing a golden opportunity to automate a key piece of our business, creating untold savings in labor costs and efficiency hours. Packing and shipping is a smart place to streamline. Various steps throughout the process can be automated and we can start now by identifying a few key places to eliminate inefficiencies.



Identifying Problem Areas

The package and delivery process can be wrought with challenges, from delays to increasing costs of packing and shipping materials to inflation and supply chain issues to endless other road bumps, big and small. Now more than ever, it makes sense to maximize operational efficiency in your packing and shipping department. We are faced with external problems - why get in our own way as well? Luckily, there are innovative solutions to address each unique problem.


By identifying specific problem areas, you can intervene with specific solutions custom made for your unique packing and shipping challenges. You don’t need to overhaul your entire packing and shipping process. You can automate one piece at a time and build a better system as you go. The best part? You can start now and get results fast.


Adapt to Busy Times with Improved Operational Efficiency

Maybe there are certain times of the year when your warehouse is flooded with orders. Or perhaps you are dealing with an unexpected worker shortage. No matter your specific challenge, there are always times when your packing and shipping capacity is pushed to its limit. What happens then? Prioritizing automation is a proven way to tackle packaging and shipping concerns so your company can save money, thrive, and grow.


The key to success? Automation is always scalable. By building in automated capabilities to withstand the peaks and valleys of business, you make your business much more durable against the unexpected. Global Industrial is an industry leader in helping businesses implement automation, optimization, and protection to maximize operational efficiency.


Operating Efficiently by Automating Packing and Shipping Operating Efficiently by Automating Packing and Shipping Operating Efficiently by Automating Packing and Shipping
Operating Efficiently by Automating Packing and Shipping Operating Efficiently by Automating Packing and Shipping


Getting Started in the Warehouse

Before you even begin the packing and shipping process, the product must be located and brought to a packing and shipping location. Every business works at a different scale, but it is impossible to get around this first step which is often riddled with inefficiencies. Before you know it, this step is eating away at your allotted packing and shipping times. There has to be a more efficient way.


Packing workbenches: Once a product is located it arrives on a packing bench. That bench can quickly become cluttered as more packages arrive and workers take breaks. Keep surfaces clear and organized and cover all the bases for most packing and shipping jobs with customizable packing benches that fits the needs of your business. Is your facility spread out? Mobile packing workbenches can help distribute resources efficiently.


Stretch wrap machines:  Stretch wrap dispensers can be a good place to start, but you may decide to progress to a stretch wrap machine. After all, the larger investment typically generates the highest reduction in operating costs. Wrap your products and shipping with speed, efficiency, and uniform quality with stretch wrap machines. These machines are also great at securing and protecting what you store on the floor and what you ship out.


Carton sealing machines: Sealing packages and cartons one at a time is time-consuming. Plus, it is nearly impossible to achieve consistent results. That means some of your packages could be in danger of being damaged by faulty sealing before they even leave your warehouse. Our carton sealing machines will get your packages sealed and out the door quickly and efficiently. Select models can handle multiple sizes with ease.


Strapping machines: When things get busy and your facility is crowded, strapping packages is crucial to ensuring areas are secure and safe. You can protect your workers, costs, and pallets with wrap materials with strapping machines for safe transportation and shipping.


Conveyors: Packing and shipping large orders means large numbers of shipping boxes. These literally stack up. Make sure you’re maximizing productivity, space, and time with conveyors that fit the specific layout of your shop.

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Make Sure to Stock Up

If you run out of supplies, our consumable products in our restock station are your one-stop shop for all your packing and shipping needs. Optimizing your shop will ensure you have enough supplies on your shelves at all times, so your operations run smoothly. Stocking up on tape, strapping, stretch wrap, staples, boxes, mailers, and personal protective equipment (PPE) like hard hatssafety glassesgloves, and earplugs cuts costs in the long run. Make sure you always have enough supplies on hand.


Successful Automation Helps Maximize Operational Efficiency     

Getting the products from the shelves of your warehouse or the end of your manufacturing line to the truck is a multi-step process with many opportunities for improved automation and operational efficiency. Automation is at the core of optimizing your business for success and is key to ensuring quality and consistency in your packing and shipping. Global Industrial is an industry leader with a deep inventory of products that will boost your operational efficiency. We’re experts at helping your business maximize operations. Our ROI calculators can show you how much you'll save in the long run. Maximizing operational efficiency is worth the investment. Improving productivity and labor efficiency will help reduce operating expenses and as a result increase profitability.


Global Industrial is Your One-stop Optimization Shop

Increase productivity and keep packing lines fast and efficient. Global Industrial offers a wide range of products, many with safety features built in, to ensure goods and cargo are stored, packed, transported, and shipped correctly without damage. We carry corrugated boxes, stretch wrap machines, crates, envelopes & mailers, packing equipment, and workbenches that are ideal for warehouse and distribution centers of any size. Learn more about how we can help your business succeed by connecting with one of our Global Industrial sales representatives at 888.978.7759 or contacting us here.

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