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Pilot Ignition Gas Valve - Intermittent Pilot, 1/2" Inlet, Uni-Kit Pressure Reg.

Pilot Ignition Gas Valve - Intermittent Pilot, 1/2" Inlet, Uni-Kit Pressure Reg.

Item #: WBB211041

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The 720 Series Valves (7200 IPER) are designed for intermittent pilot ignition applications. The 720 IPER Series Valve incorporates a manual valve, pilot valve, dual automatic valves (2), and a main gas pressure regulator. Uni-Kits are factory-set at the 3.5" W.C. for natural gas, but can be converted to L.P. by installing the regulator conversion kit included. The 720 Series Valves are designed for many residential applications such as central heating units, space heaters, wall heaters, boilers, and mobile home furnaces. The 720 series valve has a compact swing radius of only 3-9/16" to enable it to fit a wide range of OEM replacement applications. It also has all the wiring connections, manual selector, and adjustments readily available on top of the control. To prevent unsafe attempts at repair, special screws are used and replacement parts are NOT available. 1751-016 to convert 720 valves to L.P. 1751-018 to convert 720 valves to natural. 1751-019 to convert 720 step opening valves to L.P.1,000 Btu/Cu. Ft. 0.64 sp. gr. natural gas, or 2,500 Btu/Cu./Ft. sp. gr. L.P. gas @ 1" W.C. pd (except for No. 720-082). Straight thru (except for No. 720-082). Type of Gas: Natural for No. 720-082. Pressure regulator settings Lo-Fire 1.3" W.C. & Hi-Fire 3.5" W.C. for No. 720-082.

Product Specifications

  • BRANDRobertshaw
  • CAPACITY150000
  • TYPEIntermittent Pilot
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Pilot Ignition Gas Valve - Slow Opening, 1/2" Inlet, Uni-Kit Pressure Reg.

Item #: WBB211041


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Pilot Ignition Gas Valve - Intermittent Pilot, 1/2" Inlet, Uni-Kit Pressure Reg.

Pilot Ignition Gas Valve - Intermittent Pilot, 1/2" Inlet, Uni-Kit Pressure Reg.

Item #: WBB211041

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