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Poly Rib Belt, Dayco 5050408

Model #: WBB2815481

MPN #: 5050408

Poly Rib Belt, Dayco 5050408

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Poly Rib Belt

Designed for high mileage multiple-accessory drivesthe Dayco ''W'' profile belt (patent pending) is the most innovative advancement in multi-rib belt design in over 25 years. Developed through extensive laboratory and actual road mileage testing, this unique rib profile has been specifically Dayco engineered to conform to high mileage, worn or misaligned drives without a sacrifice in quiet, long-lasting performance. The "W" profile cut into the tip of each rib makes the tip more flexible and eliminates belt chirp when the belt enters a worn or misalligned pulley. Constructed with Aramid reinforced EPDM compounds, the Dayco ''W'' profile belt delivers more than OE required delivers the solution to troublesome drive problems. Dayco Poly-Rib Belts meet or exceed SAE J1459 and SAE J2432 specifications.

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