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SAE Male Inverted Swivel - 45 Bent Tube (MegaCrimp) - Gates G25502-0404

Model #: WBB2437562

MPN #: G25502-0404

SAE Male Inverted Swivel - 45 Bent Tube (MegaCrimp) - Gates G25502-0404

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SAE Male Inverted Swivel - 45 Bent Tube (MegaCrimp)

Gates MegaCrimp couplings are designed for use with Gates wire braid hydraulic hose to create a robust, leak-free assembly. The pre-assembled coupling is designed with a patented C insert attached to the ferrule. This design ensures that crimping forces are evenly distributed to form a concentric, leak-free seal.

One MegaCrimp coupling size can accommodate various one and two-wire braid hydraulic hoses of different constructions and wall thicknesses, simplifying inventory requirements, helping to reduce costs and simplifying coupling selection.

  • Robust bite-the-wire crimp
  • Low profile
  • Full-stem insertion
  • Full-length crimp
  • Tested to industry-leading 600,000 impulse cycles
  • Simplifies inventory management
  • Environmentally-friendly TuffCoat plating for 345 percent better corrosion resistance than SAE standard

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