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Break Room Supplies

The right breakroom supplies will make your employees contented and productive. Global's got everything you need to keep your breakroom fully stocked and functional. We offer snacks, beverages, and candy along with cups, plates, napkins, and utensils. We also carry dispensers to keep your breakroom supplies organized.

Employees will save time with microwaves, refrigerators and toasters for breakfast & lunchtime. Choose a coffee brewer to make one cup or a larger unit to brew a pot. We carry many brands and types of coffee from light to dark roast, decaffeinated, flavored and organic, along with K-Cups’ numerous flavors and varieties.

We carry a wide assortment of tables & chairs, as well as appliances from toaster ovens to dishwashers and even vending machines. Browse around and see what Global can bring to your breakroom!

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